ATWT Update Thursday 5/16/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/16/02

By Nicole

Molly went off when she saw Donna and Marley at Jake's memorial. Tom told her to be cool, but Molly insisted on handling them her own way. Donna and Marley insisted that they weren't there to cause trouble. Molly blasted them for filing for custody the day after Jake died. Kim tried to get in between them and Donna snidely asked Kim to stay out of their affairs.

Kim knew Donna was referring to the dirt Kim had dug up about Donna and Marley's pasts. Donna offered a compromise. Molly made it clear that the only compromise she was interested in, was her having full custody, and Donna and Marley making arrangements to see the twins.

At one point, Roseanna interrupted the argument to give Molly her condolences. Molly looked her up and down, then rudely asked why Roseanna was there. Roseanna said that she was representing Carly and Parker. Molly told her what Carly would think of Roseanna being there. She also told Roseanna that she had Carly's back, in case she was thinking of doing something und erhanded to Carly.

Craig noted Molly's hostility. Roseanna poo-poohed it, claiming that Molly was in mourning and that she would not hold anything against her. Roseanna said hello to Kim, who seemed surprised to see her. She then introduced herself to Paul, who remembered and was friendly, and Rose, who had heard about her from Carly, and gave a lukewarm hello.

Margo told Paul and Rose that she had received a report about James. He apparently had gotten fixed up at an emergency room, then escaped. When Rose wondered who had stabbed him, Paul said he knew it was Barbara. He then spoke badly of his mother, something that seemed to make Margo and Rose a bit uncomfortable. Paul bet that they had seen the last of Barbara.

Lucy found out from Craig that Aaron was Holden's son...thus making Aaron and Abigail half-brother and sister. Lucy felt bad and looked for Aaron so she could apologize. She ran into Allison, and told her of the mistake they had made about Abigail and Aaron. Alison was just glad to know that Aaron was available.

Isaac took Bonnie to the dungeon, but found it empty. A livid Bonnie told him she never wanted to see him again. When Isaac began to protest, Bonnie reminded him of their deal. If Billy wasn't down in the dungeon and if Ian's ledgers were legit, then Isaac had to leave and never come back. Isaac told Bonnie that he would not be around when Ian hurt her. Bonnie asked if they could still be friends, but Isaac didn't think that would be possible. They hugged.

But Ian came upon them. He wondered why Isaac was still around, and offered to have him escorted from the property. Isaac told him he was on to him, but Ian denied his accusations.

Dr. Weston told Jack that he had put a little something extra in Carly's cure. An overwrought Jack demanded to know what Weston had done to Carly's face. Weston told Jack that Carly's face would begin to burn uncontrollably, then she would feel nothing. He said Carly's face would look like a burnt marshmallow.

Jack hurried over to the hospital and was distraught to hear that Carly's face had been burning. Jack appraised Bob and John of what Weston said. They decided that now was the time to take off Carly's bandages. The three told Carly this, all the while trying not to panic. Before Bob began taking off the wraps, Carly asked Jack not to look at her right away when the bandages were off. When Bob had enough of them off so they could see, Jack uttered Carly's name.

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