ATWT Update Wednesday 5/15/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/15/02

by Nicole

Bonnie found Isaac in her room, half naked after his bath. Isaac told


that it was important that she get her hands on Ian's financial ledgers.

A reluctant Bonnie admitted that Ian had went to town on errands related

to their wedding. Bonnie insisted that Isaac had to be wrong. Isaac said

he suspected that Ian was marrying her for her family money. He also

reminded her about Billy being shackled in the dungeon.

Bonnie brought the ledgers to her room. They were in a locked box, one

which Bonnie had the key for. She hesitated to open them, since she and

Ian were working on trust issues. When Isaac pushed her to look at the

ledgers, she agreed to, but told Isaac that if he was wrong, then she

wanted him to leave and never come back.

The ledgers showed that Ian had more money than Bonnie originally had

thought. A disbelieving Isaac complained that Ian must be doctoring the

books. Bonnie asked him was it so impossible that Ian could love her for

herself. Isaac responded that he would get out of her life if they

didn't find Billy in the dungeon. Together, they headed down there, hand

in hand.

Jake's memorial service was held at Mabel's. Molly arrived first


began sobbing. Abigail showed up and hugged her. Then Kim, Holden and Lily

showed up and gave her a group hug. Ben arrived and told Molly that Isaac

was in Scotland, and would be devastated by the news. He also confided in

Molly that it was because of Jake that he and Isaac were close now.

Adam arrived and he and Abigail went off to talk. He told her he had

gotten into a west coast film school. Abigail had not known that he had

applied and congratulated him. Adam then asked Abigail to join him out

there. Abigail told him that she would always love him, but that she

couldn't go with him. They parted, vowing to stay friends.

Allison and Lucy watched Adam and Abigail from afar, still under the

delusion that Abigail was Aaron's girlfriend. Allison badmouthed

Abigail, while Lucy and Aaron made goo-goo eyes at one another.

Molly, Kim and Lily all danced to one of Jake's favorite songs.


when they went outside to grill more burgers, they were surprised to run

in to Donna and Marley.

Craig had tried to visit Carly with a bouquet of flowers, but


her complaining about her treatment. He backed away and threw away the

flowers. Later at Java, Craig ran into Roseanna. He told her that he

suspected Carly's treatment wasn't going very well.

Roseanna asked him to accompany her to Jake's memorial service.


outright accused her of trying to steal Carly's life and friends. When

Roseanna took issue with that accusation, Craig reminded her that she

really didn't have any business being at Jake's memorial. But in the

end, he agreed to accompany her.

Rose visited with Carly. Carly told her how much she admired the way


had stood up to Weston. Rose admitted that now that she knew how much

Weston hated her, there was no way she was going to let him work on her

face. When she hinted that she might not get any work done on it at all,

Carly advised her to let Bob and John help her. Bob and John entered the

room and told Rose that once they saw how Carly was coming along, they

would be able to perform the same procedure on Rose.

After hearing this, Rose went by the police station and told Weston to

shove it. Weston was horrified to find out that Bob was going to perform

the surgery on Rose. He yelled at Jack that he would not stand for Bob

taking the credit for his genius. Jack told him he was on his way to

federal prison.

Later, Bob looked in on Carly, then turned off her light as he left


room. Carly awoke and began screaming that her face burned.

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