ATWT Update Tuesday 5/14/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/14/02

By Nicole

Simon and Katie returned to their cottage to find Margo already there. She confirmed what Simon and Katie already suspected: the stair railing had been tampered with. Margo made it clear that while she liked Simon, she was beginning to get suspicious of all of the "accidents". When Simon told her, once again, that Dahlia was responsible for all of the trouble, Margo reminded him that there was no sign that Dahlia was even still alive.

Katie asked Simon to go and get her some aspirin. Once he left the room, Katie laid into Margo for treating Simon like a suspect. Margo told her she was sorry, but she was beginning to wonder if her affection for her brother-in-law wasn't clouding her cop instincts. Katie assured her that she trusted Simon and that Dahlia was the one she should be looking for.

Before leaving, Margo had a talk with Simon on the porch. Simon assured her he would look out for Katie. Margo coldly told him that if there were anymore "accidents", she would string him up. Simon went back into the cottage and found a bug. He turned up the radio and wrote his discovery on a piece of paper. Katie and Simon realized that that was why it always seemed as if Dahlia were a step ahead of them. They vowed to use Dahlia's bug to trap her.

Abigail and Molly reminisced about Jake. Molly then confided that she had asked Tom to not allow Marley or Donna to attend Jake's memorial service. Abigail asked her if she thought that was wise. Molly firmly told her that she did not want to look at the people that were trying to take her kids from her.

Abigail then told Molly that she wanted to go back to college and switch her major from film to English. Molly asked her if anything else was bothering her and Abigail told her that she wanted to break things off with Adam, but didn't know how. Tom arrived and told her to just tell Adam the truth.

Tom spoke of the uphill battle they would have in Molly's bid for custody. Molly told him that she had Kim digging up dirt on Donna and Marley. Kim arrived and handed them both a thick folder. They discovered a few things concerning Marley's mental instability. Molly sensed that Tom really didn't want to use some of the things that were in the folder, a charge that Tom denied.

Later, Jake's ghost visited again. He had no answers for her. Lucy and Allison waited at Java to find Aaron. Allison said she was going downstairs to Java Underground. She ordered Lucy to call her on her cell phone if she saw Aaron. Aaron was waiting for desserts. He asked Lucy why she disliked him. Lucy weaseled out of the question and called Allison, who did not answer. Aaron noticed that Lucy was eavesdropping while he was on the phone with Abigail. He confronted her. Lucy told him that she had a friend that wanted to meet him, but Aaron told her he was not interested.

Later, Allison berated Lucy for not keeping Aaron there. She admitted she had been talking to another guy when Lucy had tried to call. Lucy suspected that Allison had never had a boyfriend. Allison admitted that all she knew about men she had learned from watching her sister Emily.

Paul tried to attack Weston. Jack pulled Paul away and tried to threaten Weston into fixing Rose's face. Weston wasn't scared. They were interrupted by Carly's screams of pain. John, Bob, Jack and eventually Weston (Bob had to yell at him to get him back in the room) went in to see to her. Weston said that what Carly was feeling was not so much pain, but the return of her nerve sensations.

Carly admitted that she was feeling better and she and Jack spent some tender moments together. He swore to stay with her always. Later, Jack confronted Weston about not doing his part for Rose. Rose interrupted them and told Weston she was willing to look the way she looked for the rest of her life. Anything to make sure he stayed behind bars. After Weston was taken away, Bob told Rose that he had watched how Weston helped Carly and revealed the existence of a video tape of the procedure. Bob told Rose and Paul that he felt as if he could duplicate it. After a grateful Paul and Rose left, John asked Bob if he was crazy. Bob said yes and that he would need John's help.

Barbara agreed to knife Emily before James came back to the room. James, not quite trusting her, listened outside the door. Barbara untied Emily's binds and told her she was trying to help her. Emily punched her. She told her she had suspected that Barbara was behind Carly, Rose's and her kidnappings. The two began to grapple, as Barbara finally got it into Emily's head that they needed to make James believe she was killing her.

Finally, Barbara played dead (with the knife in her hand) as Emily broke a vase. Barbara screamed and Emily ran to the door. James caught her and dragged her back into the room.

When James saw that Barbara looked hurt, he angrily asked Emily what she had done to her. When Emily gave a smart answer, James backhanded her, then moved to see to Barbara. As he hovered over her, Barbara stabbed him with the knife. A horrified James tumbled onto the floor, as a horror-stricken Barbara and a relieved looking Emily watched.

When Barbara tried to check his pulse, James sprang up, gurgling. He then went limp. Once again, Barbara tried to check his pulse, and once again, he sprang back to life, grabbing her hand. He told her he never thought she would kill him, bravo, and that he would not applaud her. Finally he fell into unconsciousness. Barbara told Emily that he barely had a pulse.

Barbara was forced to tell Emily about Hal's mental state. She then ordered her to grab James's legs. They put him behind a chair, while Emily went back into the trunk. Barbara had the bellboy wheel the trunk out. He asked about James and she told him he was resting right now, but would join her later. Barbara then took one last look around the room and muttered that what was done was done. She flicked off the light and left James on the floor.

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