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As the World Turns Monday 5/13/02

By Nicole

Dahlia was loosening the stair rail in Katie and Simon's cottage, when she heard them pull up. She hurried up the stairs with a tape recording of a cat meowing. When Katie and Simon entered the cottage, Katie complained of being cold. Simon offered to build a fire, when Katie heard the tape recording of the cat.

She began heading towards the stairs, when Simon stopped her. He told her he was determined to be wherever she was, and offered to get the cat. They both decided to go together. As they were heading up the stairs, the railing came loose and they both tumbled down the stairs. Simon landed on Katie and fractured her wrist.

Katie was creeped out by the fact that Dahlia had been in their home. They both vowed to fight her together. After they left for the hospital to get Katie's wrist looked at, Dahlia came back down the stairs with her tape recorder. She smiled.

Margo went to the psyche ward to visit Hal. Margo told him about Dr. Weston's capture. Hal was hopeful that that meant they knew Emily's whereabouts. Margo was forced to tell him that was not the case, but that they did know that James and Barbara had used fake passports to get into Singapore.

Hal berated himself for letting Emily slip away from him in the first place. Margo reasoned that James was lying when he said he didn't know where Emily was. They both agreed that James still had Emily and was probably going to use her as a bargaining chip.

Hal then asked about the Scudder case. Margo was forced to admit that Jake had been killed and the circumstances surrounding that tragic event. Hal began to cry. Margo was holding him when Dr. Michaels walked in. Margo apologized for upsetting Hal, but Dr. Michaels said that it was good that Hal was able to feel again. Hal vowed to hunt down James for all he had done.

Rose attacked Dr. Weston. Paul pulled her off of him, and Weston shook his head at Rose's appearance, referring to her as ‘half-baked looking'. He then told Carly she was up first. Rose berated Jack for making any deals with Weston. Jack made it clear to both women that this was their last chance. Rose nodded her assent to Carly.

Carly nervously watched Dr. Weston prepare a wrap. Jack tried to take her mind off of the procedure by reminiscing about their relationship. When Weston had finished with Carly, he walked out into the hallway and coolly asked Rose if she were ready to look normal again. Rose replied that she was. Weston then told her that was too bad because he wasn't helping her without a new deal!

Jack came out of Carly's room and pulled Paul off of Weston. Weston demanded a million dollars and extradition to Spain. Otherwise, Rose would look old forever.

Barbara stared out of the window of a hotel in Singapore. A bellboy dragged a steamer trunk in, followed by James, who tipped him. When they were alone, James commented on how happy Barbara should be, since they had stopped to have her face fixed. Barbara made it clear she would rather be away from him.

James then told Barbara that he had turned Weston in for the reward money. When Barbara inquired about Emily, James opened the trunk, where a drugged and gagged Emily lay. Barbara was appalled by the sight, much to James's disgust. Barbara yelled at him to put her on the couch, and he reluctantly did so.

James made it clear that he planned to put Emily back into the trunk, and pay the bellboy to dump it in the ocean. Barbara countered that they could just drug her and dump her at a hospital. They could then leave the country. But James finally had to tell Barbara that as much as he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he had no intention of leaving Emily behind alive. He also made it clear that he would leave her if she went that route.

An outraged Barbara asked him if he would just take off on her. James clarified himself by telling her that he meant he would have to kill her too. Barbara then back-handed Emily, took a knife out of a box, and promised to have Emily killed before he came back to the room. James then left, and a frightened Emily stared at Barbara.

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