ATWT Update Friday 5/10/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 5/10/02

by Nicole

Katie got a hold of Henry by cellphone. He was still ransacking Rose's place and not in the mood to listen to any of Katie's ramblings. While Katie was on the phone, she heard someone coming into the apartment.

It turned out to be Lucy. A relieved Katie asked Lucy to help her move a trunk in front of the door. When Lucy questioned why they were doing that, Katie answered that she was trying to keep Simon out. Lucy said that she thought Katie loved Simon. Katie replied that she did, then came to the realization that she was being silly about not trusting Simon. She headed out to find him, but was stopped at the door by a police guard. He told her Margo wanted to see her right away.

Margo had sent the guard at the request of Simon. He told Margo that Katie was so afraid of him, that she was forgetting to be careful of Dahlia. Katie arrived and Margo asked her point blank if she was afraid of Simon. Katie took a deep breath and answered in the negative. Margo then asked her sister to wait in the interrogation room. There, Katie was reunited with Simon.

Simon told Katie that maybe they would be better off apart for awhile. Katie told him that she trusted him, but he didn't believe her. Katie then shared some of her past with him. She told him about how hard it was for her growing up, with her father dying when she was so young, and all of the traveling she and her mother used to do. They agreed to face whatever Dahlia had waiting for them together.

Aaron's arrival at Rose's place scared Henry off. Holden arrived shortly after, and gave his son the distinct impression that he thought Aaron had trashed the place. Holden denied he felt that way, but asked him why he hadn't called the police. Margo appeared from a back room and let him know that Aaron had called it in.

Holden asked Aaron why he was there. Aaron said that Rose had been so good to him, that he felt bad about not getting her an engagement gift. So, he had ridden over on his motorcycle to see if he could fix up her car or something. That was when he saw Rose's door open.

Roseanna made her presence known while Craig was in the middle of lying to Carly. Carly snidely told him that it had been Roseanna that told her how Craig had reacted to her face. Craig flat out denied being repulsed by her. Roseanna half helped him out by telling Carly that Craig had made it clear that he loves Carly.

Jack came home and wanted Craig out of the house. He then told Carly about Weston/Townes. Carly went to pack a bag for the hospital. Jack then let Craig have it. He told him how interesting it was that now that Carly might have a chance to look normal, Craig was making a play for her again. Craig blasted him for not telling Carly about all that he had done to help while she was missing.

After Craig left, Jack thanked Roseanna for the reward money. He also shared the fact that because Carly had been at the spa longer, Weston/Townes might not be able to help her. Later, Roseanna was summoned to Craig's suite. Craig admitted his love for Carly again, while flirting Roseanna. They kissed, but this time, Roseanna made it clear that if Craig pursued Carly, they could have no relationship.

Carly didn't want to go to the hospital. She told Jack that Parker had cried when she told him she was leaving again. When Jack tried to reassure her, she shared her fear of Weston/Townes. She remembered how she would be wrapped from head to toe, or cry for her loved ones, and the evil doctor would just sit and take notes. Jack told her he would be at her side when she saw Weston/Townes.

John had called Rose and Paul away from their family dinner to tell them about the potential cure. At the hospital, they met with Jack and Carly. They learned that there would be no surgery, but a series of wraps and injections. Just as Carly was about to protest, Weston/Townes greeted them.

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