ATWT Update Thursday 5/9/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/9/02

By Nicole

Katie cried out for help as the sound of sawing could be heard. The lights in the elevator had dimmed, when the maintenance man jumped down into the elevator. Katie begged him to help her escape, while he tried to calm her down. The elevator then dropped to the first floor.

When the doors opened, Lucinda and Nancy were waiting. Lucinda ordered someone to get Katie medical attention. Nancy asked Katie if what happened was part of the murder game. Lucinda thought this as well, but Katie was unable to tell them that what had just happened had not been planned by least she didn't think so.

Simon saw Katie sitting in the lobby and asked why she was not in the penthouse. Katie looked at him suspiciously, and told him about what Henry had told her. Simon brushed Henry's accusations off with disgust, but then Katie told him about what happened in the elevator. Katie asked him where he had been. Simon told her he had went back to the penthouse to get some things. Katie told him she hadn't seen him around there, then grabbed his duffle bag. Katie pulled out a saw. Simon claimed he needed it to fix up the cottage.

Simon sensed Katie was truly afraid of him now. He agreed to go to Margo with all that had happened, but Katie didn't want to drive with him. She went back upstairs to the penthouse. Rose and Paul went out to the Snyder farm to wait for Rose's father, Joe. Lily, Holden, Aaron and Luke were already there. Rose told Paul how nervous she was about her father seeing her face.

When Joe arrived, he greeted everyone warmly, but was sporting a pair of dark sunglasses. When Rose questioned him about them, Joe took them off and revealed a black eye. Joe then told him that he returned home one night to find a burglar there. The guy hit him and left, but, didn't take anything. While this was going on, a frustrated Henry had finished ransacking Rose's house. From his expression, he hadn't found what he was looking for.

Jack took Weston/Townes to the old mill. Jack then pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot Weston/Townes, if he did not fix what he had done to Carly, Emily and Rose. Weston/Townes pretended to agree, then hinted that what he planned to do might not work. When Jack got violent again, Weston/Townes became bold. He told Jack that if anything happened to him, the women would stay the way they were forever.

Meanwhile, a nosy Craig arrived at the police station and asked Margo if the man the FBI had brought there was James. Margo was forced to tell him that they had found Weston/Townes. Craig overheard Jack's call to Margo, which said that Carly could be cured, and that he would need Bob Hughes and an operating room. Craig slipped out of the station house.

Roseanna paid Carly an unwanted visit. Carly accused her sister of dropping by to pass judgment on her. Roseanna indirectly brought up Mike Kasnoff again, causing Carly to wonder why Roseanna was still in Oakdale. Roseanna asked to see Parker, and Carly allowed her a few minutes.

While Roseanna was upstairs, Craig came by. Carly made her disgust for him clear. She accused him of running for the hills when he first saw her face. Craig told her he had ran because he wanted to hold her in his arms. He also told her all that he had done while she had been kidnapped.

Carly told Craig that Roseanna had mentioned Craig's reaction to her face. Not realizing that Roseanna was on the stairs, Craig called Roseanna a liar. Roseanna made her presence known after that comment. Meanwhile, Margo was forced to tell Jack that Craig was probably going to tell Carly about Weston/Townes. Jack hurried home.

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