ATWT Update Wednesday 5/8/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/8/02

by Nicole

Isaac snuck into Bonnie's room, again, in Ian's castle. He proclaimed his love for her, but Bonnie kept insisting she was happy with Ian. She then reminded him that Oakdale was never really her home and that she belonged in Scotland. When Isaac began harping on how shallow her life with Ian would be, Bonnie asked him why he always had to tear down the way she lived.

Isaac apologized, then told her that Billy was being starved in the dungeon. Bonnie only half believed him. They were interrupted by Ian. While Isaac hid in the closet, Bonnie fended of Ian's advances, again, then deflected his questions about her behavior. When Ian asked her if she had been in touch with Isaac, Bonnie put him on the defensive instead. Once Ian left, Isaac came out of the closet, smiled at Bonnie and told her that by her not giving him away, that was a sign that Bonnie cared for him. Bonnie told him that tomorrow, she would get Ian out of the house. That was when she would go with Isaac down to the dungeon to see if Billy was really down there. Bonnie warned Isaac that if he was lying, he would never see her again.

Simon told Katie that maybe it was best that they stay away from each other for awhile. Katie didn't want to, but Simon reminded her that Dahlia wanted Katie to be unsure of him. And since that part of her plan was succeeding, then Dahlia obviously planned on killing Katie and framing Simon for her murder.

Simon begged Katie to go and stay with Craig. He then happened to glance out the window and see Henry watching them. Simon warned Katie that he was filling her head with lies. But Katie was too confused to think about what Henry might or might not be doing. She and Henry left the cottage. Simon followed them.

An edgy Henry dropped Katie off at Craig's door, then tried to hightail it out of there. When Katie told him how she believed in her husband and didn't want to lose him, Henry rolled his eyes. He told Katie he thought she was in danger from Simon.

Once Katie was inside the penthouse, she stared at her wedding picture. Outside, Simon grappled with Henry and frightened him some more. He told Henry not to talk to or even call Katie ever again.

Henry went downstairs to a house phone and called Katie. He told her about Simon's threat. Katie was surprised that Simon had followed her. She put the phone down to check the hallway, but it was empty. She then picked up the phone and told Henry she'd meet him in the lobby. But when Katie got on the elevator, it stopped suddenly, the lights began to flicker, and the sound of someone sawing the cables, could be clearly heard.

Rose and Mitzi were making wedding plans at the diner. Rose confided to Mitzi that she didn't want to make plans until her face looked better. Rose then mentioned that Carly and her had been looked at by a specialist, but that he had not held out much hope. Paul came upon them, just as Rose was mentioned the specialist.

Mitzi left so they could be alone. Paul asked why Rose hadn't mentioned the doctor, since he had wanted to be there with her. Rose told him she hadn't wanted him to be disappointed. Paul told her she was beautiful. Rose mentioned that her father was coming to town, and that while she had told him what happened, seeing her would still b a shock. Paul asked Rose to set a wedding date. Rose told him she wanted to wait to do that. Just then, her cell phone rang. It was Jack with the news that Dr. Weston, a.k.a. Townes, had been brought in.

Jack and Margo interrogated Weston/ Townes, and at first he was quite sly. He claimed to be a a different type of doctor, and to not know who Rose or any of the other women were. But when Rose was brought in to identify him, Weston/Townes revealed his true self.

Rose and Paul leapt at him, but were restrained. Weston/Townes made it clear he wasn't sorry, but proud of his work. He even offered to do something for Margo's crow's feet!

Once Rose and Paul left the room, Weston/Townes admitted that he could reverse what he did to the women. He also told them that he was really 73! But when Jack and Margo threatened him with prison, he smiled and told them he wanted a deal:the women could have their looks back, if he could go free.

Jack ran the offer by Rose, while Paul protested that it was too big a d ecision to make on her own. Jack then decided that Rose and Carly would get their looks back and Weston/Townes was going to prison. He snatched a pair of handcuffs and a gun, while Margo and the other cops looked the other way. Then he took a nervous Weston/Townes to an undisclosed location.

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