ATWT Update Tuesday 5/7/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/7/02

By Nicole

Tom dropped by Molly's to discuss her options. When Molly insisted, once again, that she was the only mother Bridget and Michelle knew, Tom was forced to remind her that she did not legally adopt the twins. Molly tearfully insisted that she had meant to. Tom told her that her intentions wouldn't hold up when it came to the law.

Molly then wondered if maybe she should just give up. Tom said that he was not there to tell her to give up the fight. But, he did warn her that everything about her would come out. Nick Scudder, the fact that Jake and her sent the twins away for safety's sake, and all the men she had been involved with. Tom told her that at the very least, he could get some sort of temporary custody for her, until the hearing.

Carly dropped by with Parker and learned what Molly was going through. She reminded her cousin that Donna and Marley had always been out to get the twins, and that Molly hadn't measured up in their eyes. When Molly asked her where her attitude was coming from, Carly told her about Roseanna. Molly reminded her that she was Parker's real mother. Carly told her that she was Bridget and Michelle's mother.

Simon called Craig, looking for Katie. Craig wasn't concerned and advised Simon to just wait her out. Simon hung up and left the cottage. That was when Katie and Henry returned, having spied on Simon through a window. When Henry began bemoaning the fact that they weren't in the nice hotel they had stayed at, Katie told him that they were there to find evidence that could clear Simon.

Simon returned unexpectantly. Henry told him that Katie thought he was an axe-murderer, something Katie noisily protested. When Simon asked what his wife was doing with Henry, Katie told him that after they had found Jill's body, she had come back to the cottage and found Henry waiting for her.

Henry sarcastically excused himself. Katie ordered him to wait for her by the car. Simon told Katie that that really didn't answer his question. He wanted to know why Katie had run off. Katie was forced to admit that she had been scared of him, especially with the evasive way he acted the night of Jill's murder.

A hurt Simon told his wife that Dahlia had already won if she honestly believed he was a murderer. Katie tried to weakly defend her position and an angry Simon goaded her until she punched him in the stomach. Simon told her they really didn't have a marriage if she couldn't trust him. Katie told him she loved him, but couldn't say that she honestly believed him.

Roseanna visited Craig's apartment. She told him that Parker was with Carly. When Craig smugly asked how she could turn Parker over to the folks over at Oakdale Memorial, Roseanna cattily replied that Parker and Carly were living with Jack now. If Craig was hurt, he covered. But he did pry into why Roseanna hated Carly so much. Roseanna admitted that Carly had the life she used to have. She told him about how Carly had tried to pass Parker off as John Dixon's and hurt Hal in the process. Roseanna marveled at how no one seemed to care what a sleaze Carly was anymore, and that she had a good, honest cop that loved her.

When Craig told her that her need for revenge was natural, Roseanna coyly said that she was staying in town to make sure that Dr. Weston was caught, nothing more, nothing less. A disbelieving Craig watched her as she left his apartment.

Margo went by Jack's to tell him that the German authorities had caught Dr. Weston. Jack was thrilled. Margo then asked him if he had mentioned what happened with Julia to Carly. Jack became defensive and Margo left, telling him he should seek help.

Carly came downstairs and asked him about why his bedroom had no furniture. Jack confessed that James had released Julia from the hospital and sicced her on him. A horrified Carly listened as Jack revealed all that Julia had done to him, from the stun gun, the drugs and the rape. Carly held him, and told him that she loved him more than ever. She also told him she hated Julia's guts even more, as well.

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