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As the World Turns Monday 5/6/02

By Nicole

Isaac and Billy were grossed out by their discovery of a skull sitting in a vault. The midget, Moreland, told them that that was the skull of the real Duke. He also told them of the curse, that said that anyone that had anything to do with the impostor (Ian) would suffer the consequences.

Paddington came looking for Moreland. Moreland unchained Billy, then waited for Paddington to enter the dungeon, while Isaac and Billy hid. As soon as Paddington entered, Isaac and Billy tried to keep him prisoner. Paddington warned them that would not be wise. He also repeated his fears that Bonnie was in danger.

Jessica accused Bonnie of marrying Ian to spite her. Bonnie asked why Jessica couldn't just be happy that she was going to marry the man she loved. When Jessica mentioned Isaac, Bonnie listed his faults and told her mother that Ian was the man for her. Jessica sighed and told her that she would support her choice.

Ian then came to Bonnie, his mood amorous. When Bonnie put him off and questioned why he wanted to marry her so quickly, Ian became irritated. Bonnie noted his irritation and Ian backed off. Isaac came to Bonnie's room later. He told her that something was rotten about Ian and his whole marriage proposal. When Bonnie protested, Isaac told her that he loved her, and that even if they didn't end up together, he wanted to see her happy and safe. He insisted that he was not leaving until they learned the truth about Ian.

Molly was thrilled to see Bridget and Michelle. Molly had Abigail and Aaron take them into the kitchen for cookies, while she talked to Donna and Marley. Donna told Molly that she would have to figure out a way to tell the twins about Jake's death. Molly felt they needed time to readjust before that was done.

Abigail came out of the kitchen looking forlorn. When Molly questioned her, she reluctantly said that the twins knew something was wrong, and kept saying they wanted to go home (as in Bay City). Molly asked the twins if this was true and they said yes. Molly agreed to let Donna and Marley take the girls...for now. Molly made it clear that she would fight to keep Bridget and Michelle with her.

Later, Molly spoke to Jake's ghost. When she asked him what she should do, he told her she would know what to do when the time came. When the phone rang, Jake's ghost disappeared.

Susan met Lucy at the diner and asked if she would befriend Allison. Lucy reluctantly agreed to do it, but Allison was on to both of them. When the g irls caught sight of Aaron and Abigail, they assumed they were an item. Allison asked Lucy to distract Abigail so she could put the moves on Aaron. Lucy expressed her sympathy to Abigail over Jake's death. Behind Abigail's back, Allison squeezed into Aaron's booth and flirted with him. Aaron told Allison he didn't like girls who smoked, so she put away her cigarette.

When Allison came back to the table, Lucy asked her what Aaron's name was. Allison admitted she hadn't learned that. Lucy expressed disgust that Aaron would flirt with Allison under Abigail's nose. When Lucy got up to pay, Lucy referred to him as a "sleaze" as he walked by. Aaron heard her and stared at her questioningly.

Carly confronted Roseanna and demanded Parker. Roseanna couldn't believe that Carly would rather have Parker stay with well meaning friends than family. Carly made it clear to Roseanna that she was not family to her. Carly then brought up the real reason Roseanna seemed to hate her so much...Mike Kasnoff. Roseanna talked about how horrible Carly looked, and asked her if she thought Jack would stick around if she looked like that for the rest of her life.

Jack came in and told Carly to get Parker. He then took Carly and Parker home with him.

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