ATWT Update Friday 5/3/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 5/3/02

by Nicole

Ian put more pressure on Bonnie to set a wedding date. Bonnie hedged, once again. Ian's uncle interrupted them with news of Jessica's arrival. Bonnie insisted that Jessica stay at the castle with her. Ian was pleased to see her as well, and told her that she and Bonnie had a great many plans to make.

Once he left, Jessica asked her daughter what Ian meant by that. Bonnie admitted that soon, the castle they were in could become her home. When Jessica asked about Isaac, Bonnie got angry. She accused her of listening to Billy Ross. Jessica told her she hadn't seen Billy. She then wondered where Billy had went if he hadn't returned to Oakdale. Bonnie looked briefly worried as well, but assured her mother that Billy had left and was probably keeping a low profile somewhere.

Jessica told Bonnie she would support her, whatever decision she made. But, she reminded her daughter that Isaac had brought out something real in her. Jessica hinted that she thought that Bonnie's marrying Ian was a mistake. That set Bonnie off. When Ian returned, she impulsively told him she wanted to be married right away.

Isaac, who had been eavesdropping on Jessica and Bonnie's conversation, was interrupted by the midget that Bonnie and Billy had run from before. He implored Isaac to follow him to the basement. Once they got there, Isaac was horrified to find Billy in a dungeon, shackled!

When Isaac attempted to remove Billy's restraints, the midget warned them that Bonnie would probably be in danger if he did so. Billy told Isaac that Ian and his uncle were warriors, not royalty, and that they had no right to even be in the castle.

Just then, Ian's uncle approached the dungeon. Isaac and the midget hid, as Ian's uncle demanded that Billy tell him what stories Paddington had told him. Billy said nothing, and Ian's uncle threatened to forget he was even there if he didn't begin telling him something.

After Ian's uncle left, Isaac decided that they needed proof to show to Bonnie that she was in danger. He asked about a vault that was just behind Billy. The midget told him it was a sacred vault that had never been opened. Isaac had no trouble opening it and the three of them were shocked to find a human skull.

Molly demanded to know why Donna and Marley weren't going to bring the twins back to her. Abigail became outraged. Molly assured her she would handle the situation, but that Abigail would have to go and cool off. Molly asked Aaron to take Abigail for a ride. A reluctant Abigail left, only when Kim said she would stay. In the hallway, Abigail asked Aaron to take her to a specific place.

Donna and Marley told Molly they didn't doubt that she loved Bridget and Michelle. But, Donna was forced to remind Molly that Jake and Vicky were the twins parents. Molly had never formerly adopted the girls. That meant that Donna and Marley were their closest, living relatives.

Molly got on the phone to Tom Hughes. Kim told Molly she had to go and pick up Will. She gave Donna and Marley dirty looks before leaving. Shortly after, Abigail and Aaron came in with the girls, who ran straight to Molly. When Donna questioned Abigail's motives, Abigail defiantly replied that she was just trying to make her mother smile.

Craig asked Rosanna if his kisses had really reminded her of a dog's. All that Rosanna would concede is that he hadn't needed a breathe mint. He then repeated that he loved Carly. Rosanna told him that it looked as if it would be Jack and Carly all the way. Craig responded that Jack was good for Carly now. They began kissing again, which ended with a slap from Rosanna.

Carly demanded to know where Parker was living. Jack was forced to tell her about Rosanna and her court order. Carly was outraged, and even referred to her sister as a ‘beast'. She began to blame Jack and John, asking them how they could let this happen.

After a while, Carly apologized, telling Jack that she knew he was in her corner. But once he left, Carly got dressed and left the hospital. She showed up at Rosanna's door and demanded her son.

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