ATWT Update Thursday 5/2/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/2/02

By Nicole

Holden returned home after staying with Molly and Abigail all night. He found Aaron sleeping on the couch. Aaron told him that Caleb said he could stay. Holden told Aaron how proud he was of him for being there for Abigail. Aaron shrugged off his father's praise.

Lily entered the room. She hugged Aaron and also told him she was proud of him. Aaron said it was nothing and Lily told him that she would've fought for him, if Caleb had insisted on taking him back to Seattle.

Luke came into the room and asked Lily if he could skip school to hang out with Aaron. Lily refused, then told Aaron that they would have to register him in school as well. Aaron made a face, then walked Luke outside, where Emma was waiting to take him to school. Holden and Lily heard a motorcycle rev up. Holden then wondered aloud if Aaron forgot that Lily wanted to talk to him about school. Lily looked at Holden knowingly, and replied that she doesn't think Aaron forgot.

Molly woke up on her couch, devastated by the previous night's events. Abigail was looking after her, when the doorbell rang. It was Adam, with food for them. They thanked him and the others began to arrive.

When Donna and Marley showed up, Molly asked where the twins were. Donna and Marley stole a look, before telling Molly that she thought it would be better if they were not there. An irritated Molly began going off on then, but Donna told her that they thought she had a lot to deal with, and that they were just trying to help.

Cass Winthrop, Jake's lawyer and friend, arrived. Molly told him that she didn't know what to do about his funeral. Cass gently told her that she may not have to worry about that at all.

He told Molly that he had Jake's last, written wishes with him. Molly asked that he read Jake's wishes aloud, in front of everyone. It is discovered that Jake does not want a traditional funeral. He wanted to be cremated, with his ashes scattered off the rooftop of the City Times. He then requested that a big party be thrown in his honor, with beer and chili dogs. Everyone smiled at that.

Aaron showed up later and he and Abigail spoke in the hallway. She told him that she only cared for Adam as a friend. When Aaron questioned why that upset her, Abigail replied that if she had been able to fall in love with him, then she never would've fell for Nick Scudder, thus Jake would not be dead. At the same time, Adam told Margo that he sensed Abigail only wanted to be friends.

Later, when Molly brought out the dresses Bridget and Michelle were supposed to wear for Jake's party, she overheard Donna and Marly talking about her. When she questioned them, they admitted that they had no plans to bring the girls back. Donna told Molly that she would be raising them.

Craig asked Rosanna to talk to Lucy. When Rosanna questioned him, Craig admitted that he would like for her to tell his daughter that Rosanna hit on him. Lucy came in and gave them both very cool looks. Rosanna sat her down and told her that when she used to live at the Snyder farm, there was a big, hound dog that she used to cuddle with when she was upset. Rosanna then proceeded to liken the dog to Craig! Lucy ended up thinking that Rosanna turned to her father for comfort, not the other way around.

Later, Craig asked Rosanna if she really thought of him in that way. Rosanna smiled and reminded him that she was only supposed to tell Lucy that nothing happened between them. She also reminded Craig that he didn't say anything about telling the truth. Craig kept her from shutting the door and told her she wouldn't be getting off that easy.

Jack and John waited for Dr. Ferguson, the specialist that was supposed to help Rose and Carly. John told Jack that he thought Carly should be told about Parker living with Rosanna. Jack vehemently disagreed.

Dr. Ferguson had a very detached bedside manner. He looked at Carly and Rose, then told them that there was too much damage for him to give them any answers right away. He then suggested that they check into his clinic for six months. Neither Rose nor Carly were keen on that idea. When Dr. Ferguson became snide, both Rose and Carly yelled at him to leave.

John came in and asked what they had done to chase the doctor away, since he had been seen weeping. John then slipped up when talking about Parker, giving Carly the impression that Parker was not staying with John. Carly then tried to get info out of a tight-lipped Rose.

Jack decided that Dr. Weston was the only person that could cure Carly and Rose. He went over to Rosanna' s suite and warned her, again, about trying to steal Parker. Rosanna wrote him a check for a million dollars. When Jack questioned it, Rosanna told him to offer if as a reward for Dr. Weston. Jack thanked her, but reminded her that her check would not buy Parker.

When Jack returned to the hospital, Carly confronted him about Parker's living arrangements.

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