ATWT Update Wednesday 5/1/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/1/02

by Nicole

While John attempted to resuscitate a gravely wounded Jake, Molly dreamt that they were dancing in a diner. Jake told her he had to leave her, but that he would always be by her side.

Molly then awoke and asked Abigail, and Lucinda, who had come when she heard the news, what was going on. John walked out of Jake's room and was about to say something, when Molly looked at him and blurted out that Jake had died. John confirmed it. Abigail began sobbing and Molly held her.

Caleb arrived at Holden and Lily's to take Aaron back to Seattle with him. Caleb insisted that he was not going. Holden told him to wait in another room while he talked to Caleb. He warned Aaron not to go out the back door.

A belligerent Caleb told Holden that he was leaving with Aaron, and that their flight left in a few hours. Holden asked his brother point blank if he and Aaron' s mother, Julie, were having problems. Caleb broke, and admitted that Julie was out all times of night because of her work and her friends. Holden asked him if they had been to counseling. Caleb said yes, but that it had not been too successful. He also told Holden that Aaron's way of dealing with the situation was to run off or not deal with it at all.

Just then, Holden received a call from Lucinda to get to the hospital. Aaron wanted to be there for Abigail. Caleb didn't like it, but Holden firmly told him that they would be back before Caleb's flight.

When they arrived, Molly told them that Jake was dead. Molly then excused herself, telling them that she had to call Jake's former mother-in-law Donna, and his former sister-in-law, Marley. Holden followed her and found Molly crying. She said she couldn't remember their number. Holden held her, then went with her as she sat beside Jake's body.

While Aaron was comforting Abigail, Caleb found them. He have Abigail his condolences, then asked to speak to Aaron privately. Caleb told him he could stay as long as he needed to. He then hugged Aaron and told him he loved him, before heading back to Seattle.

Jack berated Roseanna and Craig for their make-out session. Craig made a lot of smart comments in defense of himself, but Jack warned Roseanna that Craig was just using her because he couldn't have Carly. He also spoke a little about what Craig did to Barbara. Roseanna told Jack she was aware of what kind of man Craig was. She also reminded Jack that she had warned him many times about Carly being a user as well.

Lucy was awakened by the noise, and Craig asked her to please take Parker to Roseanna's suite. Craig and Jack had more words, and before Jack left, he warned both Craig and Roseanna, that they'd better not do anything to hurt Carly. Roseanna then asked Craig if there was any truth to what Jack had said. Craig tried to laugh off Jack's words, but Roseanna smiled and told him that she'd met men like him before, thus, she knew how to deal with someone like Craig.

Later, Lucy came back and made it clear she didn't want to speak to Craig. When he asked her what was wrong, she admitted she heard what Jack said. She asked if he still loved Carly and if he had loved her mother.

Rose visited with Carly. When Rose mentioned James and Dr. Weston, Carly spoke of getting Barbara back from James. Rose's eyes widened. She referred to Barbara as a ‘broad' and told Carly that it was Barbara that had James kidnap them. Carly then told her that she had been sketching some of the attendants at the spa. Rose helped her with the detail. Carly then asked Rose to go to ICU and see how Jake was doing. Rose ran into Jack outside of the room. He told her about Roseanna having custody of Parker. When Rose expressed surprise at not knowing that Carly even had a sister, Jack admitted that they hated one another's guts.

Holden came over and told them about Jake's death. When Jack expressed doubts about being able to tell Carly, Rose went off on him. She reminded Jack that Carly was tougher than they all thought. Then, together, Jack and Rose went back into Carly's hospital room and told her about Jake's death. She broke down in Jack's arms.

Simon began packing at the cottage. He told a jittery Katie that they needed to leave town immediately. Katie snuck a look into the kitchen, where Henry was hiding. When Katie expressed a desire to tell Margo where she was going, Simon stopped her, telling her that Margo was not only her sister, but a cop.

Simon then said that he wanted to use the money Katie received from her video. Katie blanched, insisting that that money was to be used for their future. Simon argued that their future was now. All the while, Henry is rolling his eyes in the kitchen. At one point, Katie seems willing to go off with Simon, when he tells her that they'll have to get fake I.D.'s. She begins to look troubled as Simon tells her he has to leave to make their travel arrangements.

Once Simon has left, Henry insists they leave now. Katie leaves Simon a note. They hear Simon's car pull back up and barely manage to make it out the back door. Before leaving, Henry manages to throw the note onto the floor.

Simon comes back inside and begins calling for Katie. Katie and Henry are watching him from outside. Henry is ticked because he forgot a sentimental martini glass. Simon finds the note, which says that while Katie loves him, she does not feel safe with him. She then reveals she has hired a bodyguard. Just as Simon questions that last statement, his eyes connect with the martini glass. He picks it up and reads the initials, H.C.. Simon realizes that his wife's bodyguard is Henry Coleman. He flings the glass against the fireplace. Henry and Katie watch from outside.

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