ATWT Update Tuesday 4/30/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/30/02

By Nicole

Simon called Lucinda to the old mill. Lucinda knew the detective that was working Jill's murder, and asked if she could speak to Simon alone. The detective reluctantly went along with her request.

Simon then told Lucinda about how he and Katie had come up there to carry out his plan to murder Katie. Lucinda told him she had always thought that was a bad idea. Simon's eyes widened when she said that. He specifically recalled Lucinda telling him it was a good plan. Lucinda waved him off and asked for the rest of the story. Simon then told her about how Jill had called Katie and asked to meet, but he had went instead.

Lucinda shook her head, as Simon insisted that Dahlia was setting him up. The duct tape that was found around Jill's hands, was the same kind Simon had in his car. Lucinda told him that Margo catching the case was not going to be enough to help him. Simon realized that Dahlia was always one step ahead of him.

Katie returned to the cottage to find a livid Henry waiting for her. He berated her for leaving him alone on the island. Katie insisted that she had called the coast guard. Henry replied that it was sort of funny that they never showed up. Katie then accused him of being in cahoots with Dahlia, Monique and Jill.

Henry squinted at Katie, swearing up and down he had no idea what she was talking about, or who those women were. Katie then told him the whole story. Henry sarcastically pointed out that they only had Simon's word that he didn't kill Monique, Dahlia or Jill. He then noted how out of the way the cabin was, and how Simon could do anything he wanted to her, and no one would know for days. He insisted that they get out of town, and away from Simon, right away.

Jack and Carly spent some time with Parker in her hospital room. When it was time for Jack to take Parker back home, Carly asked if Jack could come back. Jack questioned whether she would need some sleep, but Carly told him she wouldn't be able to. Just as Jack was leaving with Parker, they ran into a desperate Margo.

Margo told him about Katie and Simon having found Jill's body. She told him she really needed him to return on the job. As he began protesting about needing to be with Carly, Carly opened her door and overheard about Jake being shot, and what Molly had been through these past few months.

Jack went back to Carly's room and told her about Jake. Carly was hesitant to go to her cousin, but Jack reminded her that the people that loved her would get past her face. Carly took Jack's advice and sought Molly out.

Molly was startled by her looks, but hugged Carly close, too distraught about Jake to give Carly's appearance much thought. A nurse then came up to them and told them that Jake had gotten out of surgery. Carly told her to go, then stopped by the chapel. She prayed for Molly and Jake, and asked that if God had any miracles to give, to forget about her and to give it to Molly.

Craig sought comfort in Roseanna, who told him that his reaction to Carly was perfectly normal. When Craig pointed out that Jack hadn't run, Roseanna reminded him that Jack was a police officer and was used to shocking things. Craig and Roseanna then began necking on his couch. It was then that Jack arrived with Parker. Roseanna buttoned her blouse and prepared to take Parker up to her suite. Jack then rudely pointed out that Roseanna's lipstick was on Craig's neck. He blasted both of them for their behavior.

Molly and Abigail went in to see Jake. He told Abigail she had nothing to be sorry about. Later, while they slept in the waiting room, Jake flatlined. Abigail awoke first, but John told her not to wake Molly.

Jake then left his body and walked out to the waiting room to see Molly. Molly left her body as well. Jake asked where she wanted to go since it was her dream. She smiled at him and they left the hospital, hand in hand.

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