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As the World Turns Monday 4/29/02

By Nicole

As police sirens were heard in the background, Simon begged Katie to back up his story about Jill's death. She told him that she found it funny that Jill warned her that her life was in danger, and now Jill was dead. Simon insisted that Jill was calling her, to warn her about Dahlia's scheme to make him look bad in her eyes. Katie countered with an alternate theory: that Jill was warning her about Simon.

The police arrived and the main detective asked why they were so far from Oakdale. Katie told him that Margo was her sister, and that they would probably be answering her questions. The detective smiled patiently, and told them that if Margo caught the case, then that would be fine. But for now, they had to talk to them.

Simon told the detective that they were just looking for a place to be alone. The detective noticed the scratch on Simon's chest. Simon and Katie both said that he fell, in the dark, outside.

They then admitted to knowing Jill's identity, something that caused the detective to raise a brow. He asked why they hadn't volunteered that information sooner. Simon covered by telling him he just recognized her. He admitted that Jill was a lawyer who had given him an inheritance from his late wife's estate.

Katie then admitted to having met Jill once. The detective noted the irony of Simon and Katie being the only two people in town that Jill had met with, also being the same people that found her dead.

The detective asked to speak to Simon longer. Simon thanked Katie for covering for him and sent her home to the cottage. Katie noted to herself that he wouldn't have to keep thanking her, if he would just stop lying.

When Katie arrived home at her cottage, she found Henry there, waiting for her.

Craig and Roseanna went back to his penthouse from the hospital. They found a frustrated Lucy with Parker. She admitted that she had told the child of his mother's return, and now couldn't get Parker to sleep. Craig announced that he would take Parker to see Carly. Roseanna was uneasy with the idea, thinking that Jack might be right in keeping people from Carly. Craig assured her what Parker and Carly needed, was one another.

At the hospital, Bob told Jack and Carly that he had called a specialist in named Dr. Ferguson, and that he would be there tomorrow. After Bob left, Carly, once again, told Jack of her fears of scaring Parker. She then spoke a little about what she went through at the spa. Jack vowed that they would find Dr. Weston.

John came in and told her of some of the tests he wanted to perform on her. When Jack protested, Carly insisted that she wanted to do whatever she needed to to get better. John then produced pictures of Parker, from the time she was away.

Outside, Craig arrived with Parker. He peeked in, just as Carly was crying, her hands covering her face. He said that Parker wanted to see her. Jack jumped up and laid into Craig for using Parker in this way. But John got Carly to agree to see Parker and Craig.

Parker didn't seem to notice Carly's appearance, but Craig left rather quickly. He ran into Jack in the hall, who knew right away what his problem was. He sneered at Craig, who insisted that Jack was wrong.

Lucy was surprised to get out of bed and find Roseanna still in the apartment. Lucy then told Roseanna that even though she had never met Carly, she had worried about her, because Craig was so crazy about her. Craig came home, but put off his daughter's questions about Carly, something Roseanna noticed. Craig then told Roseanna that he was ashamed of himself for being so horrified by Carly's looks.

Abigail told Margo where Jake was. Margo then got a sharp shooting team together to take Mary out. Up on the roof, Mary kept trying to leave with Molly, but Jake refused to budge. He even asked that Mary take him instead of Molly, but Mary wasn't having it. Finally Jake leaped at her and they struggled for the gun. Mary fell to her death, but managed to shoot Jake. A hysterical Molly cradled him, as a gravely injured Jake began to talk of his death.

Margo came up first, then the paramedics. They told Molly that Jake would need surgery, and couldn't guarantee he would live. Abigail was horrified to arrive and find Jake being wheeled away. Molly told Abigail of how bravely Jake acted. They then followed him to the hospital.

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