ATWT Update Friday 4/26/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 4/26/02

by Nicole

Paul arrived at Oakdale Memorial in a panic. He had told Will about his going to live with Bob and Kim. Will didn't take the news well and felt that Paul was abandoning him. Kim and Paul left to find him. Hal arrived a little later looking stressed. He sat down beside Craig and confided his worries about Parker and Will. He also expressed disappointment in himself for letting his family down. Craig was attempting to console him, when Will arrived.

Hal took Will behind a curtain and told him that he would be hospitalized for awhile. Hal reluctantly admitted that he did not know if Barbara would be back. Hal told him they would be together again soon and that seemed to cheer Will up. Hal then told Will that he would only be a guest at Bob and Kim's.

Dr. Michaels interrupted their talk. Hal decided to check himself back in to the hospital at that moment. Paul and Kim arrived. They chastised Will for running off. He apologized, then said he was sleepy. Paul hugged him.

Craig jumped on Jack's case about wanting to see Carly, but Jack was still very protective of her. Jack then conferred with Bob, who promised that they would not stop until they could cure Carly.

Jack then paid Carly a visit. She was closing her curtains. Jack, sensing that she may be feeling a bit exposed, dimmed the lights, then held her on her hospital bed. She confided her fears that Parker would be frightened by her looks. Jack reassured her that that would not be the case. He then asked her if she wanted to see Craig. She said no.

Craig was still pacing the hallway, when Roseanna arrived with flowers. Jack saw her as he was coming out of Carly's room. He wearily asked why she was there. Roseanna admitted that she had custody of Parker and Jack freaked. He told her that Carly hated her guts and that she would not want Parker with her. Jack made it clear that Carly was not to be told of this turn of events.

Craig then asked if Carly wanted to see him. Jack told him no, then walked back into Carly's room. Craig made it clear to Roseanna that he did not intend to let Jack stop him from seeing Carly.

Katie arrived at the old mill so that Simon could ‘kill' her. Simon had a suspicious scratch on his chest, that he pooh-poohed away when a nervous Katie asked him about it. Katie then asked him how the meeting with Jill, Dahlia's lawyer, went. Simon told his wife that Jill never showed up. He then began tying Katie up, but a squeamish Katie was not cooperative.

After calming down a bit, Katie told Simon to go and get the camera. She figured the sooner they did this the better. While Simon was outside, pearls began to drop down on Katie from above. Katie took a stick and poked at something above her. Jill's dead body came crashing down. Katie screamed.

Simon came back in and freaked as well. He told Katie that Dahlia must've killed Jill in an attempt to frame Simon. But this murder, and the fact Simon did not want to call the police, was a bit much for Katie this time. She asked Simon if he had killed Jill.

Mary held Molly hostage on a rooftop. Molly asked Mary to promise to let her go once she got the money. Mary refused. Jake arrived with the money, but Mary didn't believe that he didn't bring the cops. She decided to take Molly along as a hostage. Jake blocked their way. He made it very clear that Mary was not leaving with his wife.

Abigail went to the police station, and told Margo the real location of where Jake was to meet Mary.

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