ATWT Update Thursday 4/25/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/25/02

By Nicole

Bonnie was confused when Paddington pulled her downstairs in the castle. She asked him why he was plotting against her. He told her he was very fond of her and that she should wait right there. He then disappeared, muttering to himself that maybe now Bonnie would be safe.

Bonnie then saw a shadowy figure in the castle. It turned out to be Isaac. They kissed. Bonnie thought she was dreaming, but when they came up for air, she poked him with her finger. She then slapped him.

Isaac asked why she did that and Bonnie told him she never wanted to see him again. Isaac took note of the ring on her finger. He then asked if she had slept with Ian. In response, Bonnie threatened him at knife point. He told her that he loved her and thought she was a goddess.

Ian then made an appearance. He invited Isaac to dinner. Isaac's table manners included dipping his finger in his wine to taste it. Ian revealed that Billy had been there. Isaac became suspicious at the idea of Billy just up and leaving over some tiff with Bonnie. Ian then told him that Paddington would find a place for him to stay. He and Bonnie then retired for the night. When Isaac told Paddington he had no intention of leaving the country, Paddington urged him not to leave the castle! Isaac overheard enough between Bonnie and Ian to know that Bonnie had not slept with Ian. That pleased him.

Aaron helped Luke get ready for his school play. Lily then entered the room and told Aaron and Holden that Margo wanted Aaron down at the station. When they arrived, Margo was waiting with an FBI agent. She told them about Molly's kidnapping and asked for Aaron's help.

Caleb showed up to pick up Aaron. The baby-sitter told him that he was at the police station and he stormed down there, assuming the worst. Holden tried to get him to ease up on Aaron, but Caleb was determined to return back to Seattle with Aaron the next day.

Jake and Abigail met Tom at Java Underground. Jake was ticked that there were FBI agents hanging around. Jake's cell phone rang and Tom and the agents attempted to trace the call from Mary. Jake asked to speak to Molly. Mary agreed to, if the call was not being traced. Jake lied that it wasn't, but Mary knew better and hung up. She then called back moments later and asked him to meet her at Jake and Molly's ‘special place'. Tom and Margo begged Jake to let them in on the location. Jake told them it was the Snyder Farm. After they left, Abigail confronted Jake. She told him she knew he had lied to the police.

Craig, Susan, Allison, Lucinda, Rose and Lucy waited for Carly's arrival at the hospital. Allison was quite surly about being there, and Susan snapped at her for not being more concerned. She struck up a conversation with Lucy. First she insulted Craig(Lucy set her straight), then she ranked on the school that they both went to.

Lucinda told Rose about what Barbara did. Lucinda then pointed out that no matter how they felt about Barbara, if she was stuck with James, things wouldn't be good for her. She also reminded her that Paul would have a lot to deal with too.

Rose had a talk with Craig. She tried to convince him to keep his distance from Carly, since she would be feeling self conscious about her looks. Craig did not take the advice.

Jack arrived and with John's help, managed to sneak Carly into a room. Bob blocked Craig from seeing Carly. Jack then told Susan that Carly didn't know much about Emily's whereabouts. He then told Craig that Carly was everything to him and that Craig would not be seeing her. Katie reneged and agreed to let Simon kill her. She was distinctly uncomfortable, as Simon outlined the plan for her to look dead, then have her picture taken, so that Lucinda could print it in the Times. Simon's hope was that that would smoke Dahlia out.

Katie agreed to strangulation. It was then that she received a cryptic call from Dahlia's lawyer. She told Katie that her life was in danger and that she wanted to meet at the Mona Lisa. Later, Nancy came by to apologize for the Parker debacle. She found Katie writing her own obituary.

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