ATWT Update Wednesday 4/24/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/24/02

by Nicole

Jake swore he would kill Mary if she hurt Molly. Mary scoffed at him and told him she wanted a million dollars. Molly then raged at her from the backseat. She asked their former nanny how she could be so cruel. Mary snidely told Molly that she never gave a damn about her family, even when she worked for her. Mary grew tired of Molly's drama and put a piece of gray tape on her mouth to keep her quiet.

Abigail wanted to call the police, but Jake nixed that idea. Abigail tearfully reminded her step-father, that the last time they all took matters into their own hands, was when they tried to handle Nick Scudder. Jake told Abigail that this would be the last time Mary would ever hurt their family. Abigail told him that she didn't like the look in his eyes. She feared he would kill Mary. Jake then called Tom and told him of Molly's plight. He asked Tom to be the go-between with the ransom.

Ian pressured Bonnie to marry him, something that Bonnie thought was suspicious. An eavesdropping Billy tried to tell Bonnie that Ian was a slickster, but she wouldn't hear it. Billy then caught Paddington eavesdropping. He was about to tell Billy the real reason he wanted Bonnie gone, when he spied Ian's uncle listening on the staircase. He then covered and walked away. Billy decided to hide behind the bookcase to listen in on Ian and his uncle. But they realized he was there and pulled him out. Later, Ian told Bonnie that Billy had packed his bags and left.

Craig opened the door to Roseanna, who had Parker in tow. She asked him what ‘Jelly Fries' meant. He told her that Parker really meant ‘Chilli Fries'. Roseanna then proceeded to bash Carly again, asking how it was that she managed to attract so many men, when she was nothing but a user.

Craig admitted that he found that trait in Carly, ‘a relief' as he put it. That took Roseanna by surprise. She then told Craig that Parker had a 50 million dollar inheritance. Craig knew nothing of this, and Roseanna admitted that the money was coming from her.

After Parker finished his meal, Roseanna took him back to her place. A little later, Lucy called. She told him that Carly had been found, and that Craig should be at Oakdale Memorial the next day.

Rose and Lucinda spoke again about her engagement to Paul. Lucinda told her that she had been through a hellish marriage with James, and that Rose should watch her back. Lucy told Rose that she should be with Paul, if for no other reason, so that this whole ordeal could end happily.

Jack called Lucinda shortly after. A frantic Rose stood nearby, as Lucinda found out about James getting away with Barbara, Carly having been found and Emily's still being missing. Jack told Lucinda that Carly had the same condition as Rose and asked if she could send her jet to Tennessee to pick them up. She agreed. Jack also asked that Lucinda not tell anyone besides Bob Hughes that Carly was back(Lucy didn't know that when she called Craig).

Rose was tearful, glad to hear about Carly, but miserable about Emily. Lucinda reassured her that none of this was her fault. She told Rose she should not feel guilty about escaping and leaving the others behind. Rose then shaped up and berated herself for questioning her engagement to Paul. Being with Paul was what Rose had dreamed of returning to when she had been kidnapped. Rose knew she should be more positive.

Hal turned over the toy monkey to an FBI agent. While Jack went to speak to the agent, Hal berated himself over what had happened to Carly. He told her a little of what James had done to him. He then bemoaned Emily's fate.

Carly looked at the note and told Hal that Emily had escaped. She reassured him that Emily knew that Hal loved her. Carly told Hal that it was her love for Jack and Emily's for Hal, that got them through their whole ordeal.

As they were about to head out, Carly began squealing about her head hurting. She collapsed. Soon, the paramedics had her on a stretcher. She did not want to be around anymore doctors, but Jack reassured her he would be right by her side. She then begged Jack not to let anyone look at her, specifically Parker. Jack promised.

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