ATWT Update Tuesday 4/23/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/23/02

By Nicole

Jack found Carly inside a coffin, eyes closed, yet moaning his name. He pulled her from it and the two hugged. Hal found them and went out looking for Emily again. Carly moaned about how crazy James was and that they had to get out of there. Jack told her that James had Barbara and was far away from here.

Jack then picked her up to take her back to Oakdale. As they passed the mirrors, Carly got a look at herself. She looked three times worse than Rose. She began to cry, saying that she couldn't let Parker see her this way. Jack told her that it wouldn't matter and that he loved her, no matter how she looked. He then picked her up again and told her they were going home.

Hal called the FBI and told them that James had Barbara. He then got a look at another clown. It reminded him of the character on the cards James used to hypnotize him with. He then made another call to Bob, telling him about Barbara, and admitting himself back into the hospital.

Just as he was about to go back inside to see to Jack and Carly, Hal found a little toy monkey on the ground. He picked up the note that was attached to it. It was from James and it thanked him for being a good zombie. There was a chilling p.s. that said that Emily was gone.

Paul asked Ben about renting out Java Underground, for Rose and his engagement party. Mitzi showed up then and asked him if that was such a good idea. When Paul questioned her meaning, she reminded him that Rose might feel self-conscious about everyone looking at her. Paul didn't agree and reminded her that he loved Rose the way she was.

Bob and Kim arrived a little later and Paul told them his news. They were happy for him, but had news for him. They told him about Barbara being with James, Hal still being programmed and suggested that Will live with them. Paul was against it at first, but realized that they could give Will some stability. He agreed to think about it.

Rose went to see Lucinda, who was helping Lucy with her homework. Rose told both of them of her engagement. Lucinda and Lucy congratulated her, then Lucy went up to her room. Rose then confided in Lucinda that she was having doubts. She also revealed what Lily had said, about her needing time to heal on the inside. Lucinda didn't mince words. She didn't understand why she felt she even had to marry Paul. Lucinda reminded Rose of who Paul's family was, and that someday, their children could be in danger from James. In the end, Lucinda agreed to support her decision to marry Paul.

Molly found herself held at gunpoint by Mary. Molly didn't look scared, until Mary revealed that she had been watching the twins for awhile and knew where they were. She threatened to kill them and Jake, if she didn't leave the courthouse with her. Molly agreed.

Abigail and Adam had a talk in the hospital. He admitted that he didn't know where they stood anymore. Just then, Jake came in and revealed that Aaron had given a statement that he had heard Mary say she was Nick's killer.

Adam left and Abigail and Jake had a heartwarming talk. She told him she had always thought of him as a father. She then expressed relief that the whole nightmare would be over soon.

Just then, a nurse entered and told Jake that he had a call. Jake said it must be Molly and that he had turned off his cellphone. The nurse looked confused and said that the woman said her name was Mary, not Molly. Jake and Abigail exchanged glances, before Jake picked up the phone. Mary made it clear that she wanted a million dollars or she'd kill Molly. Molly screamed for Jake not to do it. Jake told Mary he would kill her if she harmed Molly.

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