ATWT Update Monday 4/22/02



As the World Turns Monday 4/22/02

By Nicole

Mitzi arrived at Holden and Lily's house to see Rose. Rose told Mitzi about her engagement to Paul. Mitzi fawned over the ring, then began to speak of the wedding plans. Lily walked in on them and made a snide remark that indicated that she would've liked to have been let in on her sister's secret.

Mitzi, sensing tension, left quickly. Lily then questioned Rose about her plans. She then reminded her sister about all she had been through in recent months. Rose became angry and asked Lily why she couldn't just be happy for her. Lily told her she was happy for her, but told her that maybe she shouldn't rush into anything until James and this Dr. Weston were found.

Dr. Michaels and Bob told Margo that they felt that Hal was still very much under James's influence. Margo then questioned whether Hal could've been faking a recovery all of this time. They had no answers for her. She decided that she'd better try and call Jack.

Abigail and Mary argued at the cemetery. Mary began taunting her about trying to get her memory back. It was then that Abigail remembered that Mary had killed Nick. When she called her on it, Mary just laughed. She asked Abigail how she could've killed Nick when Abigail was holding the music box. Abigail remembered that after Mary bashed Nick across the head, she then tried shove the box into Abigail's hands.

Mary then admitted to killing Nick. She also made it clear she was not remorseful. When Abigail told her she was going to tell on her, Mary tried to attack her. She slapped her, then knocked her to the ground. Mary then proceeded to strangle Abigail.

Aaron came to the rescue, and got his butt kicked by Mary in the process. Mary ran off and Aaron took Abigail to the hospital. Once there, Abigail told Molly and Holden that Mary had confessed to killing Nick. When Holden reminded them that it would be Abigail's word against Mary's, Aaron stepped up and admitted to overhearing Mary's confession. He said he would testify to it. A relieved Molly hugged him. Holden hugged him also, telling him he was a hero. Adam was just relieved to discover that Aaron was Abigail's brother, and not a new suitor.

Molly then met Tom and Margo down at the courthouse. She told them of the latest developments. Margo told her that they would put out an all points bulletin on Mary. Tom said that this would get Abigail off. Unbeknownst to them, Mary was listening. When Margo and Tom left, Mary snuck up on Molly and told her that she would be leaving with her.

Meanwhile in Tennessee, Jack, Barbara and Hal entered the funhouse. They heard James laughing from somewhere. Hal took his gun and went to investigate. He ran into James, who was dressed like a clown and talking very fast. James produced the trigger card that made Hal his pawn.

Barbara and Jack began to wonder what was keeping Hal. Jack reminded Barbara that she was just a decoy and that she would not be leaving with James. Just then, James could be heard laughing. Then a picture of Carly appeared in the mirror before them. Carly's voice could be heard calling for help. After that vanished, a clownish James appeared in the mirror. He taunted both of them before disappearing again.

Jack told Barbara to wait outside. James then appeared for real. Jack held a gun on Stenbeck, until he realized that Hal had a gun on him! Jack, knowing that Hal was under some sort of mind control, tried to reason with his friend. It was then that Barbara came back into the room and told Hal that she had never loved a man like she had loved him. She then told James th at she would go with him and be whatever he wanted her to be, but he had to spare Hal.

James ripped up the card and took off with Barbara. Hal came out of his trance. They went looking for Carly and Emily. Just as they were about to give up, Jack discovered Carly in a coffin.

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