ATWT Update Friday 4/19/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 4/19/02

by Nicole

Roseanna decided not press charges against Craig and Katie. Margo then uncuffed her brother and sister. Roseanna then insisted on taking Parker home with her at once. Craig asked Margo if maybe they should check with Hal and find out if that would be alright. Margo was forced to admit that Hal was with Jack and Barbara.

Roseanna questioned as to whether Hal should be working again so soon. Craig ranked on both Jack and Hal's detecting skills, then suggested that Roseanna bring Parker to see him at his penthouse, since Roseanna was staying in the same building. Roseanna agreed.

Simon arrived at the police station to give his statement about Dahlia's disappearance to Margo. He was shocked to find Katie there, who told him everything was okay. They then went into the interrogation room to wait for Margo. It was there that Simon confronted Katie as to the real reason she did not come home the previous night. She admitted to being a bit frightened, but that she would stand by him.

Margo came in and Katie gave her Dahlia's watch. An annoyed Margo wanted to know where they had found it. Katie was forced to admit that she had discovered it inside the cottage. Margo then asked Simon if there was any way that Dahlia could've lost the watch in a struggle with him, or brushing up against something as she was leaving. Simon swore that he never touched her and that she never bumped into anything. Margo then told Simon that he'd better find a good attorney. After she left the room, Simon then ran his plan by Katie, that she would pretend to be murdered. That did not sit well with Katie and she outright refused to go along with it.

Bonnie forced Billy to get ready for Ian's arrival. That meant he had to wear a kilt. Billy then questioned, as to whether Bonnie was a bit curious as to why Paddington didn't want her around. Bonnie snidely answered that she could care less about the hired help.

Ian and his uncle arrived. Ian wondered if Billy was another boyfriend of Bonnie's. Bonnie then re-hashed why they had broken up in the first place...she had caught him in bed with another woman. Ian swore there had been no one since the other woman, then asked her to marry him. She told him she needed to think, and when he left the room, she called Isaac at Java Underground.

But Isaac had finally taken Ben and Lisa's advice and left to find Bonnie. But the bartender told Bonnie that Isaac had left on vacation with his girlfriend. Bonnie took that to mean that Isaac had moved on and hung up.

Later, Ian and his uncle revealed their true characters, as they spoke about his cheating on Bonnie with someone named Cynthia, how Ian had overheard her call to Oakdale, and how important it was that he marry Bonnie as soon as possible.

Billy caught Paddington eavesdropping and asked him why he had it in for Bonnie. Paddington told him he cared about Bonnie and was trying to help her. Billy then witnessed Ian's official proposal to Bonnie.

Aaron took Abigail to the graveyard to visit Nick. He waited by his motorcycle, while she talked to his grave. When she begged for help in remembering what happened, Mary showed up. She taunted Abigail and told her to just accept the fact that she had murdered Nick. But Abigail kept focusing on Mary's nails. She then had a flashback in which she recalled Mary killing Nick with the music box.

Jack, Barbara and Hal arrived at the funhouse in Tennessee. While Jack went inside to find James, Hal spoke to Barbara about his hatred for James and all that he had done to his mind. A concerned Barbara told him he shouldn't be there, but Hal was insistent on being present for Emily's return. Jack came out and told them there was no sign of James. The three of them then went in together and waited for him.

Dr. Michaels and Bob went to the police station to talk to Margo. Dr. Michaels had found a picture of a card that Hal had drawn, stuffed under his pillow. Dr. Michaels firmly believed that Hal was still under James's spell.

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