ATWT Update Thursday 4/18/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/18/02

By Nicole

Bonnie and Billy crept around the castle. They were freaked out by the fact that not only was it raining, but they had no idea what was causing the noises they were hearing, and that the power was out. Billy insisted that they leave the next day. When Bonnie refused, Billy grabbed two swords and suggested a duel. Bonnie bested him quickly, explaining that the sport was taught in the boarding schools she had attended.

Paddington then appeared and turned on a light. He suggested that that was all they had had to do. But once he left, Billy insisted that the power had been out. Suddenly, they heard moaning coming from behind a book case. Bonnie wanted to find the person but Billy did not. Billy accidentally triggered the bookcase, by pulling a knife from out of it. They then went down into some kind of dungeon, where they found a vault. Suddenly, the moaning got louder and a shadow appeared at the door. The shadow was soon revealed to be a menacing looking dwarf, who told them to leave. Bonnie and Billy hid, then followed the dwarf, who appeared to be in cahoots with Paddington.

The dwarf referred to Billy as a "coward" and Bonnie as "steadfast". Paddington then told the dwarf that they had to run Bonnie and Billy out of the castle before Ian returned. After they left, Bonnie and Billy pondered over what they had overheard. Paddington informed Bonnie that the Ian would be returning the next day. Bonnie and Billy smiled in his face, but after he left, they decided to stay and find out what Paddington was really up to.

Abigail took the witness stand. She became upset when a juror wiping off his eye glasses triggered another unpleasant memory. She ran off of the stand. Molly, Jake, Holden, Adam and Tom tried to comfort her, but Abigail remained resistant to ever getting back on the stand. Privately, Tom told Molly, Jake, Holden and Adam that Abigail had no choice. The judge had denied them anymore continuances.

Later, Aaron showed up and found Abigail alone in the courtroom. She asked him to take her to the cemetery. Aaron thought the idea of visiting a graveyard was cool.

Simon called Lucinda over to the cottage. He told her the whole story about Dahlia, and told Lucinda that he thought the missing woman was framing him. After hearing him out, Lucinda advised him to play dirty with her, or else Dahlia would win. She told Simon to "give Dahlia what she wants". He decided to convince Dahlia that he was a killer. And in order to do that, he would have to pretend to kill Katie.

Katie was rummaging around Craig's penthouse, looking for clothes for Parker, who she had left in Nancy Hughes's care. Just as she was leaving with a box of supplies, she was stopped by Margo. Margo had had enough with both Craig and Katie, and wanted to know where Parker was. Margo then went on a tirade about how between James Stenbeck, Abigail's trial, Adam's heartbreak, Casey never seeing her and the fact that she hadn't been with Tom in awhile, she was about to really lose it.

Just as Katie was about to tell her where Parker was, Margo got a call and hauled Katie down to the station.

At the police station, Craig apologized to Roseanna for misjudging her. Roseanna picked up a photo of Carly that Jack kept on his desk. She mused aloud about how Jack never seemed to learn, and how Craig was not Carly's usual type. Roseanna and Craig agreed to try to compromise for Parker's sake.

Just then, Nancy and John walked in with Parker. Shortly after, Margo came in with Katie. Margo then told Roseanna that it would be up to her as to whether Craig and Katie went to jail.

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