ATWT Update Wednesday 4/17/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/17/02

by Nicole

Holden confided in Lily about how ticked he was that Aaron and caused Abigail to disobey him. Lily told him to give Abigail a little credit when it came to using good judgment. Holden then told her about Aaron being upset that he had not taken his side earlier, when they had spoken about Caleb. He admitted to feeling guilty about how Aaron was conceived and blamed himself for his son's unruly behavior.

Paul and Rose went to a cafe. Rose was feeling a little shy about how she was looking, but Paul assured her that he loved her. He then took out three rings: a decoder ring, a mood ring and a disco ring. Paul then pulled out the real thing and got down on his knees to propose. At that moment, Rose excused herself and rushed across the room to see Abigail, who was sitting with Aaron. She begged the two of them not to say anything to Lily before she did. They agreed, then Rose rushed back across the room to get proposed to by Paul. She told him yes and they kissed. The whole cafe clapped.

Aaron noted Rose's strange appearance. Abigail told him of Rose's kidnapping and what Dr. Weston did to her. She then told him she wanted to get back before Holden got too angry. Aaron shrugged off her fear. But, when they did return home, Holden did lay into them. He reminded Abigail that he had specifically asked her not to leave the house. When she tried to take the blame for the whole thing, Holden then read Aaron the riot act. He reminded his son that Abigail was in real trouble and that instead of making things better, he had made them worse. He then sent Abigail to her room. Aaron appeared sorry as he walked off as well.

Katie and Simon cared for Parker at their cottage. When Simon reminded her that he was already in trouble over the Dahlia situation, Katie showed him the missing woman's watch. He then asked his wife where she had found it and Katie admitted to finding it right in the cottage. She then used a ridiculous analogy to explain the doubts she was feeling. Simon told her that if she didn't believe in him, then they had nothing. She then decided to show him the check she had received. She explained that she had assumed Dahlia was stealing from her. But the check proved that theory wrong.

Just then, the police arrived. Katie asked Simon to stall them while she got away with Parker. He reluctantly agreed. After the police searched the place and found nothing, Simon made a mysterious phone call.

Katie then showed up in the back of Nancy Hughes's car. She persuaded her to care for Parker for a short while, until she could get some of his things. Nancy agreed, but once Katie left, Nancy decided to make a few phone calls and find out what was really going on.

Margo had Craig arrested. Roseanna showed up at the police station and discovered that while Craig was in custody, Parker was still missing. Margo assured her that Katie had the child and that she would mess up and get caught.

Meanwhile, Craig not only questioned Roseanna's motives in taking custody of Parker, but her fitness. He asked her if she would even know her nephew in a crowded park, or what his favorite food was. Craig then explained that with all that the boy had been through, Parker needed stability. When Roseanna protested, Craig asked her outright if she still hated Carly. Roseanna covered by saying that she was only concerned for her nephew's welfare. The conversation ended with a semi-truce between the two.

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