ATWT Update Tuesday 4/16/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/16/02

By Nicole

Holden told Emma and Aaron that Caleb would be in Oakdale by the end of the week. Aaron got upset when he learned that his step-father was coming to take Aaron back to Seattle. Aaron then argued with Holden, that he, not Caleb was his father and that when he arrived, Holden should tell him that Aaron was staying put.

Holden reluctantly reminded Aaron of the relationship he had with Caleb and that he didn't think that it would be wise to interfere with that. Just then, a glum looking Abigail entered the room. She asked Holden if she could go out to the Snyder farm and ride her horse before the trial. Holden didn't think that was a good idea and asked her to stay put. He then left the room to see to Lily, who was having morning sickness.

Aaron then told Abigail he would take her out to the farm on his bike. When Abigail protested about Holden, Aaron reminded her that she alone was the one that needed to clear her head. Abigail agreed and took off with Aaron.

Holden heard the bike start up and was annoyed to see that Abigail had disobeyed him. He confided in his mother that he suspected that it was Aaron that persuaded Abigail to go against his wishes. He then mused that he didn't need Aaron's particular brand of trouble this summer. Emma reminded him that Aaron was a teenager and that Holden himself had been just as bad at that age.

Roseanna badgered Margo about Craig and Parker's whereabouts. Suspecting that Margo might not be doing all she could because Craig was her brother, Roseanna threatened to call in the FBI if more wasn't done. Margo then got a call about Craig and Parker's whereabouts.

But Margo and Roseanna were annoyed to find that Craig and Parker had not been found yet. They also found out that Craig had stolen a cook's car. Margo then decided to go over to Carly's empty apartment and wait for Craig there. Roseanna insisted on joining her.

Once there, they saw that the place was still a mess from when Julia had held Jack prisoner there. Roseanna began making snide remarks about Carly and her fitness as a mother. Margo questioned her motives for wanting custody of Parker and Roseanna reminded her that she had practically bribed Carly to have the child. Margo revealed the extent of Craig's love for Carly.

Later, Roseanna met with an unfriendly Molly. She wanted to be informed if Craig called her. Molly glared at her and made no promises. Just then, Roseanna got a call from Margo saying that Craig had been spotted.

Craig had been on his way to Carly's apartment with Parker, when he peeked through the window and saw that Margo and Roseanna were there. As they tried to getaway, the stolen car stalled. Craig then took Parker back to his penthouse and begged Katie and Simon to take the child to their cottage in the woods. Simon wasn't too keen about the idea, but he and Katie took Parker out through the back elevator.

Katie had spent the night at Craig's penthouse because she feared Simon. She then had a black and white fantasy, from the 40's, in which Simon was a known wife murderer, but a charming one. In it, Katie almost fell from a ledge and had to trust Simon to pull her up.

When Simon did appear for real, he sensed what her problem was and asked her to come to him first if she had doubts about him. She agreed.

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