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As the World Turns Monday 4/15/02

By Nicole

Jack was not fooled by Barbara's ruse and confronted her in the old mill.

Barbara admitted to drugging the decoy cop. She told him that James wouldn't have been fooled by her anyway and that she was fully prepared to leave with him if need be. Jack assured her that it wouldn't come to that.

Jack and Barbara then heard footsteps. Hiding behind the door, they were shocked to see Hal. Hal insisted on being in on what was about to go down. When Jack questioned his fitness, Hal admitted that he wanted revenge on James for stealing his soul. Jack was still unsure until James called. He asked if Barbara was with him, then gave him instructions to Tennessee. He then told Jack that he and Barbara would probably drive through the night to get to the destination: a funhouse. Jack then agreed to let Hal come along.

John and Kim were surprised, then shocked to come face to face with Roseanna Cabot, Carly's half-sister. She had a court order to take temporary custody of Parker. She said it worried her that Carly was gone and that Hal wasn't fit to care for the child. John picked up Parker and took him the police station. Kim called Tom and asked him to meet them there.

At the police station, Craig and Margo found the decoy Barbara had drugged. Craig wanted more details about what was going to happen, but an annoyed Margo refused. Craig confessed that he wanted to be the one to rescue Carly and that he loved her. Margo was about to send him packing, when John and Kim came in with Parker. They explained what Roseanna was up to.

When Roseanna showed up, she handed the court order to Margo, who told John that he would have to turn Parker over to Roseanna. Tom showed up and told them that while he could file papers in family court the next day, for the moment, Parker had to go with Roseanna. Craig then asked to give Parker a horsey-ride. He then did...right out of the police station. Roseanna insisted that when Craig was found, he be arrested.

Aaron witnessed a close moment between Abigail and Holden. Holden then introduced the two of them to one another. When Holden stepped out of the room, Aaron asked Abigail if Holden was always so fake. Abigail, sensing that Aaron might need to talk, told him that Holden had not raised her either. But she did stress that he was a great father.

Dr. Michaels then arrived with some contraption that was supposed to help Abigail remember Nick's murder. While Holden, Molly and Jake watched, Abigail remembered Mary standing over her and screaming, ‘why did you kill Nick?' The memory frightened Abigail, so the session was stopped. Molly, Jake and Holden told her that Mary's words might not mean anything. Later, Aaron told Abigail he was sorry for what she was going through. On the porch, Tom told Holden, Molly and Jake that his push for a continuance was denied. When Molly protested that Abigail didn't remember enough, Tom told them that whether she remembered anything or not, tomorrow, Abigail would have to testify.

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