ATWT Update Friday 4/12/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 4/12/02

by Nicole

As Katie and Simon were fixing up their cottage, Katie was disturbed to find Dahlia's watch. She covered when Simon asks her about what she has found. Margo then called and asked to meet with him.

When they met, Margo told Simon that the blood analysis of Dahlia's car didn't look good for him. She told him that because he was the last one to see Dahlia, she would need an official statement.

Simon vented his frustration to Margo. He told her of his suspicions that Dahlia faked her disappearance so that he would look guilty. They were interrupted by Dahlia's lawyer, who accused Simon of killing Dahlia. Once she left, Simon turned over Dahlia's keys and told Margo of his fears that this whole thing may drive Katie and him apart.

Jake called Dr. Michaels and asked if there was any kind of hypnosis that could be done to jog Abigail's memory. Mary expressed her displeasure to the prosecutor that her place had been searched. The prosecutor asked her point blank if she had anything to hide. Mary denied it, then smiled as she headed into the courtroom. She mused aloud how Nick would've loved the situation.

In court, Tom called Mary to the stand. When he brought up the plane tickets, Mary was noticeably jarred. She tried to cover by reiterating that she had seen Abigail kill Nick with the music box. But, afterwards, Tom was pretty confident that Mary's testimony had helped establish reasonable doubt. Dr. Michaels arrived and told Abigail that there was a new hypnosis technique they could use on her.

Margo told Craig that there was plenty he could be charged with. Later, while Margo and Simon talked, Craig spotted Katie through the restaurant window. He met her outside and she confided in him about the watch. Craig asked her if she thought Simon had murdered Dahlia. When she said no, he then made it clear that she would have to trust her husband.

Katie then came up with a theory: that Dahlia had faked her disappearance just to steal the money Katie had made. But, later on, Katie was stunned to discover that none of her money was missing.

Paul went to see Rose. He chastised her for taking chances with James. He told her of his father's offer to trade Carly and Emily for his mother. When Rose asked him if he was alright with it, he said that Barbara had gotten herself into this mess, and that it was all on her now. He then proposed to Rose, who said yes.

Barbara opened the door to Jack, who told her of James's offer. She told him she was aware of it and would do it. But, Barbara didn't think a decoy of her would work, and insisted that she actually meet with James. She then told Jack that she knew everyone hated her, and if she could redeem herself in someway, then maybe she wouldn't be hated as much. Jack sympathized, but insisted he would not trade one life for another.

Before they left, Barbara snuck some of Hal's medication into her purse. At the police station, Barbara picked up the phone to James, who made it clear that he wanted her. He also hinted of the life he envisioned the two of them having. He then told her to tell Jack that they would be meeting at the old mill.

Barbara decided to take matters in her own hands, by drugging the undercover officer that was to take her place. She then dressed in her black clothes(veil included) and left with Jack, who thought she was the officer.

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