ATWT Update Thursday 4/11/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/11/02

By Nicole

Simon arrived at the cottage to find hideous furniture in it. Katie admitted that the couch was something she found in someone's trash. She then told him that he failed her test when he did not turn over Dahlia's keys to Margo. After talking it over, Katie decided she was just going to trust Simon. It was at that moment that they both realized that they were literally stuck to the couch. Katie admitted to using a hot glue gun filled with super glue to upholster the couch. They then decided to take off their clothes to get free. After making love, they agreed to not give Dahlia another thought. Soon after, their front door mysteriously blew open.

Luke told Lily that he wanted Aaron to stay. He explained that he wanted a brother. Lily then told him and Emma that she was expecting another baby. Luke was happy, but still wanted Aaron to stay. Emma told Lily of her suspicions that Aaron might already know about the baby.

Holden spent time with Aaron in the Snyder barn. They both worked on Aaron's motorcycle. Holden begged his son let him help with whatever problems he was having. Aaron told him there was nothing he could do. Holden then confided in him about Abigail's problems, which seemed to interest him.

It was not until Luke and Lily asked Aaron to stick around, that he agreed to, temporarily.

Hal told Barbara that she put him through hell, when she left their family for Craig Montgomery. A teary Barbara tried to defend herself. Hal made it clear that Emily belonged in their home now. He added that he didn't want Will expecting Barbara to be around all of the time. Barbara insisted she wouldn't disappoint Will anymore. She also told Hal that she hoped they could someday be friends. Hal was skeptical, but agreed to let her stay over, so she could take Will to school the next day.

James repeated his offer to Jack on the phone. Carly and Emily for Barbara. James was snide and said that Emily would be thrown in for free, which was more than he thought she was worth. Craig, who was listening, along with Margo, yelled for Jack to give him Barbara.

Craig, who was also snide when he said that Barbara was too good for James, made it clear that Barbara was their only chance to get Carly and Emily back. Paul, who joined them later, reluctantly admitted that Craig was right.

Craig then went to see Barbara and tell her of James's offer. She refused and Craig told her she was being selfish by refusing to cooperate. They parted on a bitter note: Craig was crass and Barbara slapped him. After Craig left, Barbara sank to the floor. She appeared to be pondering the offer.

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