ATWT Update Wednesday 4/10/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/10/02

by Nicole

Holden asked Lily if she was sure she wanted Aaron hanging around during her pregnancy. She told him that she would be more upset if he didn't ask his son to stay. She then came up with the idea of Aaron staying with Emma, and visiting with them. Holden liked the idea and headed over to the farm to run it by his mother.

Luke and Aaron bonded as he admired his older brother's motorcycle. When Luke told Aaron how much he had always wanted a brother, Aaron almost told him about his mother's pregnancy. Holden arrived to tell him of the compromise, but Aaron told him he was going back to Seattle that evening. Susan stopped by the hospital to see Hal. Dr. Michaels joined them and Susan asked if she could help Hal on an out-patient basis. Dr. Michaels was apprehensive, but Susan stressed to both of them that with the way Rose was looking, Emily and Carly didn't have much time left. Susan also reminded him that he needed to be with his kids.

Barbara stopped by to see Paul and Will. Will was happy to see her, while Paul was suspicious that she was trying to worm her way back into Will's life. When Will went upstairs, Barbara told him that James had escaped from the hospital and that he'd been faking his coma. She then told him she was scared to stay at Fairwinds. Paul hugged her.

Hal, Susan and Dr. Michaels stopped by to get Hal settled in at home. After Paul, Susan and Dr. Michaels left, Barbara offered to stay in Jennifer's room. Hal told her they needed to discuss their relationship. Rose awoke to find James gone and Craig out of it. When she heard Jack's voice coming through on the radio, she told him that James had parachuted out of the plane. Jack reassured a panicked Rose that the plane was on auto-pilot and holding steady. Rose then slapped Craig awake.

Craig then tried to argue with Jack, telling him that they could still find James. Jack ordered him to land the plane. Later, at the police station, Craig cleared Brandy of any wrong doing and she was let go. Jack then tore into Craig again for messing up the investigation. Rose defended him, saying she knew how he felt and that they had just wanted a shot at finding Carly and Emily.

Rose then went home and found out from Lily that Holden had a son named Aaron, and that Lily and Holden were expecting. Jack received a call from James. He offered to trade Emily and Carly for Barbara.

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