ATWT Update Tuesday 4/9/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/9/02

By Nicole

While Bonnie perused Ian's journal, Billy burst into her room claiming to have seen some ghost. When they went out into the hallway to investigate, Billy saw the eyes of a dog in a portrait move. When Bonnie looked, they were normal again.

Paddington, the butler, told them both of some ghost tale that ran in Ian' s family. Billy wanted to leave, but Bonnie didn't think much of the story. She told Billy that she had to stay and find out if being with Ian was her true destiny. Billy agreed to stay with her.

Aaron accused Lily of not wanting him around. When Holden demanded that his son apologize, Aaron gave a smart answer and left. He ended up at the diner, and asked the waitress if he could buy anything with .85. While he sipped coffee, he realized he was sitting across the aisle from Abigail, who was with Adam.

Aaron then attempted to go back to Holden's, where he overheard Lily tell Holden that she was pregnant. With that, Aaron headed to the farm, where Emma fed him.

Isaac told Ben he was determined to forget Bonnie. When a pretty woman came in, Isaac attempted to flirt with her, but kept seeing Bonnie. That caused trouble after the woman told him she had an unusual name. But all he heard her say was, ‘Bonnie'. Desperate, Isaac begged Ben to find out what the woman's name was. After she left, Ben gave Isaac a mini-exam after finding out how many times his brother had thought he had seen Bonnie.

Rose confronted James on Lucinda's Worldwide Jet. James laughed at her when he saw how bad she looked. That prompted Rose to leap at him. Craig pulled her off of James and told her that he had agreed to let James go free, if he took them to Carly and Emily.

Rose was outraged at the idea of James going free, and insisted on going along. James then made them all switch to another plane, so that Jack would not find them. Jack arrived on Lucinda's jet to find the pilot tied up.

John stopped by the police station to see Margo. He told her that some Ether was stolen from the hospital and it was more than likely that James was the culprit. Margo then called Jack, who called Craig. Just as Craig was getting the news, James managed to knock both him and Rose out with the Ether. He then got on the phone to Jack and made it clear that he was parachuting out of the plane.

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