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As the World Turns Monday 4/8/02

By Nicole

After Lily swore she saw a face at the window, both Holden and Lily heard the sound of a motorcycle shortly after. Holden then received a phone call from his mother, Emma, who told them that she, along with Luke and Faith, heard a motorcycle on the farm.

Holden and Lily rushed over to the farm and come face to face with the mystery rider. It was 17 year old Aaron Snyder, Holden's son with Julie Wendell. Aaron was surly with Holden. cool to Lily, but semi-decent to Emma and little Luke, who loved his motorcycle.

After offering Aaron a place to stay, Holden called his brother Caleb, who had raised Aaron as his own in Seattle. Holden discovered that Aaron and run away. Holden then decided that with all that was going on with Abigail, Aaron needed to return home to deal with his problems. When Holden told him this, Aaron made it clear that he would not be returning to Seattle.

Isaac noted that Katie appeared to be stalking Simon. She confided in him about all that had happened since Dahlia arrived in Oakdale. Isaac told Katie that it appeared that Dahlia was setting Simon up. He advised her to confront her husband about finding Dahlia's keys in his jacket.

Simon appeared shortly after, and when Katie asked him if they should take the keys to the police, Simon made it clear he wanted to handle the situation himself. Katie didn't know if that meant Simon was guilty of something, or if he was just doing what he said he wanted to do: handling the situation on his own.

Craig and James struggled to keep a livid Lucinda quiet from Jack. She broke away from them and while Craig and James hid, Lucinda told Jack that she was in Craig's apartment to get evidence that he was a bad father. A suspicious Jack then left. Lucinda agreed to let James use the Worldwide jet, but when he asked his ex-wife for a shoulder rub, she threw food on him instead.

Rose went to the police station to find out how the investigation was going. While there, she ran into Brandy, and was outraged to find out that she had helped in the Stenbeck escape. Rose then had a talk with Jack, who told her about Libby's death. Once Jack left, Rose decided she was going to use the Worldwide jet to go back to the spa. Upon learning that Lucinda was using it, Rose made plans to get on board and find out where Lucinda was going. Once she arrived, she was shocked to come face to face with James.

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