ATWT Update Friday 4/5/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 4/5/02

by Nicole

Abigail, Molly, Jake and Holden, were thrilled at Abigail's newest memory about the plane tickets. Tom called Margo to confirm the existence of the tickets. Margo arrived at the courthouse and told them that there were two tickets, but only one reservation. They were able to deduce that Nick canceled Mary's reservation, thus, Mary might not have been too happy with Nick walking out on her after all they had done. Abigail later wondered if some of the nasty things she assumed Nick was saying to her, were really meant for Mary.

Rose told Lily that it was hard to look at her and see what she had lost. Emily's mother, Susan, came by and told them that it looks like it is just her skin aging, not her whole body. Susan then admitted she also came by to get an idea of how Emily might look when she came home. After Susan left, Rose told Lily she was leaving to find Carly and Emily.

Jack was ticked to discover that James had escaped from the hospital. Brandy was soon caught in her attempt to fake a seizure, and both Bob and Jack wanted to know why she faked her attack in front of James's room. When Jack got a look at Brandy's red bag, he realized he had seen the same one lying on Craig's couch. Jack then had Brandy cuffed and taken in for questioning. Bob told Jack that without examining James, they wouldn't know how long or even if he ever was in a coma.

Craig took James back to his penthouse. James demanded a meal and reminded Craig that time was running out for his meeting with Dr. Townes. A knock on the door interrupted them, and when Craig opened the door, he found a livid Lucinda. She accused Craig of sending Lucy to stay with her so he could sleep with some tramp.

Lucinda then noticed a gross meal, and began making snide comments about how James was the only one that would eat the food she was looking at. James then revealed himself and demanded the use of the Worldwide Jet. He then hinted that Rose's skin condition might get better if he could get to his meeting with Townes. Just as Lucinda agreed, Jack knocked on the door and demanded to be let in.

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