ATWT Update Thursday 4/4/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/4/02

By Mary Jane

Bonnie dreams of Isaac while at Ian's castle. Awakened by Billy, Bonnie concludes that Isaac is good while dreaming, but Ian is the real deal.

Back at Java, Margo questions Simon as to the events that led to Dahlia's disappearance. Simon is very cooperative and tries to answer all Margo's questions. Meanwhile at Java, Lisa does her best to convince Isaac to phone Bonnie at her father's castle. When Isaac finally relents to Lisa's pleas, Lisa discovers after calling Jessica that Bonnie is staying with Ian. Hurt, Isaac tells Lisa that if this is true, his and Bonnie's relationship is truly over.

Molly testifies that Abigail admitted she thought she might have been Nick's killer. During the trial, Abigail remembers Nick and Mary arguing over airline tickets.

Simon and Katie return to their cottage to find a few moments of relaxation. Deciding to build a fire in the fireplace, Simon searches for wood, while Katie looks for matches, she comes upon Dahlia's keys in Simon's travel case.

Craig recruits Brandy for one thousand dollars to act as a patient and fake a seizure in front of the guard at James's door. While working out the details in Craig's suite, Lucy enters wondering what her father is up too. Craig explains that he has business with Brandy and needs a couple of days to find Carly. He asks Lucy if she would mind staying with Lucinda. Lucy halfheartedly agrees. Craig also receives a visit from Jack, who questions Craig if he leaked any information out about his (Jacks whereabouts). When Craig denies this, Jack shows concern for Carly's welfare. Craig tells Jack that Carly is alive and received a phone call from her. Jack asks Craig, who readily agrees to put a trace on his phone. Jack leaves to order phone traces on his, Hal's and Craig's phone lines. Craig along with Brandy leaves to the hospital to act out his plan for James's escape.
At the police department, Margo overhears Jack ordering a trace on Craig's phone line. Margo questions Jack as to whether Craig agreed to the trace. When Jack states Craig agreed, Margo wonders about the motivation for this, because as she offers, two things Craig hates is to cooperate with the police or let anyone know his business. Margo and Jack conclude that whatever Craig is up to, it's probably no good.

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