ATWT Update Wednesday 4/3/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/3/02

by Nicole

Carly called Craig. She told him that she was tired and that she hadn't seen Emily or Rose for a long time. Craig told her that Rose had escaped and that Jack had went to the spa but found it empty. Carly then asked about Parker and Craig told her he was fine and with John. Carly then appeared to either fall asleep or lose consciousness. The phone call was disconnected.

Soon after, an impatient James called Craig and snidely asked if he had talked to Carly. He then demanded that Craig get him out of the hospital. Craig told him he was on his way. He then called Brandi and told her he needed a favor from her.

Margo paid Katie a visit and told her she was looking for Simon. She then explained that Dahlia's car was found abandoned a mile from their house. Margo then showed Katie one of the clippings Dahlia had waved in front of Simon's face, the night before. Katie tried calling Dahlia's cellphone and her production company, but to no avail.

Margo then asked her sister when they both last saw Dahlia. Katie was forced to admit that Simon and Dahlia had another confrontation there at the house. Katie also confessed that she herself did not see Dahlia by the time she arrived. Margo made it clear that she wanted to talk to Simon. Katie waited until she saw Margo drive off, then rushed to Java Underground to warn Simon about Margo's suspicions. But Margo had followed Katie and confronted them both.

Isaac listened to some heartfelt advice from Simon regarding Bonnie. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Billy had arrived at Ian's castle. The snotty butler, Paddington, informed Bonnie that Ian was expecting her next week and that he was off on a hunt. Bonnie complained about the drafty castle, while Billy played with swords and the bookcase. It was during one of these moments, that a book fell off of the shelf. It was revealed to be Ian's journal.

Molly was forced to testify against Abigail. The prosecutor forced her to admit that the reason Molly confessed to Nick Scudder's murder was because she thought Abigail had killed him. Mary, who was sitting in the courtroom, smiled when Molly said that.

Kim threatened Mary, who apologized for knocking her out in front of the diner. Kim made it clear that when she was called to testify, she would be implicating Mary.

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