ATWT Update Tuesday 4/2/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/2/02

By Mary Jane

Margo takes Adam to visit Hal. Hal appears to be on his way to recovering. When Adam tells Hal of Barbara's intention for aiding in his recovery, Hal is positive he won't need Barbara's help. Barbara enters to visit Hal. When Adam and Margo leave, Barbara asks Hal how she can win Paul's forgiveness and love, again. Hal explains to Barbara, that although she seems to be genuinely remorseful, he doesn't think she should expect too much from the people she hurt, at this point.

At Hal's Paul explains to Will that he should not count too much on Barbara just yet. Kim and John visit in an attempt to sway Paul to forgive Barbara and call her. Paul is not ready to do what is requested, but with John and Kim's convincing, Paul is considering their plea.

Margo is called to the woods near Katie's cottage to investigate an abandon car. The circumstances are questionable because and officer found marks that looked like someone was dragged away from the scene. The id in the car belongs to Dahlia, and the newspaper clippings surrounded the car are about Simon and the murder investigation surrounding Simon's ex-wife (Monique's murder).

Katie and Simon make amends, after Katie awakes from a dream about Simon wanting her money. Simon points out to Katie that Dahlia's accusations must have made an impression if she was dreaming about him in that way.

Molly is mentally trying to prepare herself to testify tomorrow. While discussing her plans, Tom arrives with an offer from the DA for Abigail. Although it is a fair offer, it means pleading guilty which Abigail and her family are not ready to do. Abigail decides not to accept the offer.

Craig awakens James with a cigarette lighter. Craig reluctantly makes a deal with James. James insists that Craig help him leave Oakdale and meet with Townes, and in return James will release Carly. Craig agrees if he receives a phone call from Carly within 24 hours. If he doesn't Craig tells James he will go to Margo. James agrees.

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