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As the World Turns Monday 4/1/02

By Nicole

After the commotion, Simon yelled at Dahlia and vice versa.  Simon told Katie that the words Dahlia used in her toast were the same words he used when he married her sister.  She is playing games with him and trying to wreck his marriage.  Dahlia denied it and said he's crazy.  She told Katie that she'd better choose between them, so naturally Dahlia chose her husband. She then made it clear to Dahlia that she believed in Simon and that their association would have to end. Dahlia seemed appalled that Katie didn't believe her about Simon being her sister's murderer.

Katie then talked to Simon and told him she's never seen him so out of control as he had been with Dahlia. Simon didn't respond to her questioning. He left for their dream cottage, still really angry, and kicked things around a bit. Shortly after, Dahlia arrived.

Dahlia got in his face and told Simon that the only reason she'd helped Katie was to make her a rich woman. She taunted Simon, telling him that he would soon be unable to resist killing Katie for the millions she would soon make. Before leaving, Dahlia waved a bunch of newspaper articles she planned on mailing to Katie. They all said that Simon was a murderer. Dahlia stormed out. Simon followed after her, yelling.

When Katie told Margo how distant Simon has been, Margo confessed that she deputized Simon and then asked him not to tell Katie or anyone else about it.  Katie is really annoyed but Margo can't be sorry because she needed him.

Later, Katie came by looking for Simon.  Simon showed back up and Kaite said she forgave him after hearing from Margo what he's been doing. He told her that Dahlia would never hurt them again. Outside, the newspaper clippings Dahlia had waved in Simon's face, were seen blowing away, near her briefcase, which was on the ground.

John told Barbara and Craig that Dr. Weston's real name was Dr. George Townes. He was known for his crazed aging experiments. When things didn't go right, Weston/ Townes got rid of the bodies. Some were found to be shriveled up and shrunken. Barbara freaked after hearing this, feeling guilty for what happened to Rose and the others.

Craig, after saying something rude to Barbara, decided to call Jack. Jack, who was in the middle of checking out the spa, was not pleased at hearing from him. Craig then heard gunshots and got disconnected. He called Jack back and found out that not only was the spa empty, but that Weston had been tipped off. Craig decided that James was the one responsible for this.

Craig then went to the hospital to visit James. He decided to find out once and for all if James was faking his coma or not. He took out a lighter and proceeded to burn James's hand to see if he could get a response from him.

Jack tied up the two truck drivers he'd hitched a ride with after overpowering them (they shot at him). They knew nothing about why the spa was empty. After being lured into the steamroom by a tape of Carly's voice, Jack called the Brussels police, asking to question Hilda. He was informed that Hilda had killed herself via cyanide tablet.

Rose told Paul, again, that she needed her space.  He doesn't want to just be her friend. Barbara came by and tried to apologize, but it fell on deaf ears.  She told them about what happened with Jack and the news about Dr. Weston.

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