ATWT Update Friday 3/29/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 3/29/02

by Nicole

The night of Katie's butt bustin' party at Java Underground, Simon tried to convince Katie not attend. Failing to do so, Simon asked his wife if she believed in him. Katie gave a lukewarm answer, and made it clear that she didn't appreciate the fact that he had lied about what happened with Monique.

Dahlia schemed to force a public confrontation between herself and Simon.

When Katie arrived and Dahlia saw that Simon might not attend, she called Simon and made it appear as if Katie had accidentally left her phone on. She then proceeded to have an imaginary conversation with Katie. Simon, not liking what he was hearing, rushed over to Java Underground.

Katie was thrilled when Simon put in an appearance, but her joy was short-lived when he confronted Dahlia not once, but twice. The second time was during a speech Dahlia was giving in honor of Katie. But the speech was really Simon's wedding vows to her late sister, Monique. Simon attacked her, an event that was caught by the media.

Craig paid Barbara an unwelcome visit. He tried to make her feel guilty for her part in Carly and Emily's disappearances. He also offered to help her regain a good reputation if she helped him figure out who Dr. Weston really was. Barbara made it clear she still hated him and was about to throw him out, when John showed up. He told them both he had finally figured out who Dr. Weston really was.

Isaac was irked to receive more unsolicited advice from the citizens of Oakdale about his relationship with Bonnie.

Paul kissed Rose and tried to convince her that her looks didn't matter to him. A pizza delivery man showed up and mistook Rose for Paul's mother.

Jack didn't get anything out of Hilda, so he decided to hang around the cemetery in case another body was delivered from the spa. A coffin did show up and Jack recognized the dead woman as Libby. The delivery guys were suspicious of Jack, who they mistook for someone that was in on the plans. Jack later jumped into the back of their truck, hoping that they were headed back to the spa.

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