ATWT Update Thursday 3/28/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/28/02

By Mary Jane

Katie and Simon discuss their situation and decide to join forces to face Dahlia. Katie questions Dahlia as to her motives; knowing Dahlia is Monique's sister. Dahlia explains she wanted to save Katie from being another one of Simon's victims. She presents Katie with another fact, the fact that Simon's charges were dismissed because of a technicality, not lack of evidence. Dahlia continues telling Katie that Simon's rights were not read to him and that is why he was let go. She also tells Katie about how Simon romanced Monique. Upon hearing enough Simon escorts Dahlia to the door. Even though, Dahlia had enough time to put more doubt in Katie's mind about Simon.

Abigail's trial begins. The prosecution requests witnesses for the defense be sequestered. Molly and Adam have to wait outside the courtroom until after they testify. The first witness for the prosecution is Mary, whom after Tom's questioning faces some skepticism. Towards the end of the day, a bit of Abigail's memory starts to return.

At the Snyder's, Rose is visited by Lucinda, who totes in a bag of cosmetics for Rose's face and hair. Hoping to lift her spirits Lucinda plants a bit of the Rose she used to know back into the forlorn Rose. 

At Hal's, Paul walks in on Barbara and Will playing with two-ways purchased for Hal as an aid in his recovery. Barbara talks to Paul about how to treat Rose. She tells him to go kiss her, do not wait for Rose's permission. Barbara tells Paul that is what helped her when she was lying in the hospital recovering from her burns. Paul leaves to visit Rose. 

At the cemetery in Belgium, Jack questions the investigator about the newly dug grave. He asks the investigator about who transported the bodies, and who is being buried, and why is the burial at night? When the investigator leaves, stating he will be back with answers, Jack is hit over the head. Surprised by men working for Hilda. Hilda attempts to bury Jack alive, only to have her plot foiled by the investigator and his men walking in on her. Hilda is captured.

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