ATWT Update Wednesday 3/27/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/27/02

by Nicole

John and Bob used their contacts to find out who Dr. Weston really was, but to no avail. Craig overheard John calling a colleague about the man, then asked him if he could bring Parker to Hal. John warned him not to ask any questions about James.

Dr. Michaels agreed to the visit, as long as she was present to supervise. Craig watched as Hal and Parker played with building blocks. When Hal spelled out Dr. Weston's name, Craig tried to ask him about it. Dr. Michaels abruptly cut the visit short, but not before Craig heard Hal say that the name Weston was an anagram.

Molly told Abigail, Holden and Lily that Belva died and that she believed Mary had killed her. She also put the false hope into Abigail's head, that that accusation might get the charges against her dropped, or at the very least, a postponement.

Margo read the coroner's report on Belva and was forced to give Holden, Tom, Jake, Molly and Abigail bad news. Belva had died of a heart attack. Margo revealed that the dead woman's doctor said she had been a walking time bomb. The group watched as Mary was lead into the court room to testify.

A grouchy Isaac hired a new bartender for Java Underground. Lisa told him that Jessica had told her that Bonnie left for Scotland.

Rose agreed to care for the kids while Lily went to the courthouse to support Abigail. Paul came over. but she sent him away. A frustrated Paul went to see a comatose James. He told him that if he woke up and helped Rose and the others, he would go back to being his son. After Paul left, James opened his eyes.

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