ATWT Update Monday 3/25/02



As the World Turns Monday 3/25/02

By Nicole

Dahlia egged Simon on about keeping secrets from Katie, specifically the fact that he was a suspect in Monique's death. Simon began to wonder why Dahlia cared so much. Dahlia answered that Katie was her business investment and that she didn't want her to end up dead like Monique.

Katie interrupted them, embarrassed at having found out from a reporter that Simon was accused of murdering Monique. After Dahlia left, Katie forced Simon to admit that he had not learned of his late wife's death in the newspaper. He also told her that he had allowed her to go sailing, drunk, during a storm.

Katie was appalled that he had kept this from her. Simon begged her to keep their private business between them. Katie took that request as an insult.

Molly went to see Nick's landlady, Belva. Belva told Molly she couldn't be sure that Mary was the woman that had come by to see Nick. But Molly did guilt her into agreeing to testify if needed.

Molly then looked around Nick's apartment, hoping to find a clue that would help Abigail. Mary came in then, and Molly slapped her. Just as she was about to beat her up, Mary agreed to go with Molly to the police station and confess. But all Mary told the authorities was that she and Nick scammed the Mckinnon's. She then said that she witnessed Abigail murder Nick.

A miserable Isaac tried to make up with Bonnie, when a ticket from Ian arrived. Bonnie admitted that she didn't know if she still had feelings for the Duke. An angry Isaac broke up with her for good. When Billy told him what a fool he was, and angry Isaac fired him.

Dahlia met with the lawyer from Monique's family. It was revealed that Dahlia is Monique's sister. The lawyer was shocked when Dahlia admitted that she had plans to do great harm to Simon.

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