ATWT Update Friday 3/22/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 3/22/02

by Nicole

Simon met Katie at the diner. She was dressed up and handing out copies of her new video. Nancy Hughes saw her there and inquired about her mental health. She told Simon that she was waiting to be interviewed by SELF Magazine. Simon, exhausted from his experience with Hal, begged off and told Katie he was going to work on the cottage. Dahlia followed him out there.

Dahlia taunted Simon about his marriage to Katie and the secrets he had kept from her. She also hinted that Simon had done something bad to his late wife, Monique.

Craig asked Lucy to bring his Montegan passport. She told him she was scared for him and didn't want him to go. She revealed that after losing Bryant, she was fearful of Craig dying too. Craig decided to spend more time with his daughter and let Jack find Carly, for now.

Carly called Jack and told him how much she loved him. She also told him to forget her. Dr. Weston, who was standing nearby, made her hang up. This stressed Jack out and Margo finally allowed him to leave the job to go find her. Just as Jack was boarding, Hilda, from the spa, called Dr. Weston. He told Hilda to keep an eye on Jack while he got things ready there.

Barbara stuck close to Hal. When the nurse asked who she should put down as an emergency contact, Barbara led her to believe that she was Hal's current wife. Dr. Michaels warned her not to make things worse by insinuating herself back into his life. Barbara denied she was doing that and told her she just wanted to be Hal's friend.

The reporter from SELF told Katie that she wouldn't be including Simon in her article. When a confused Katie asked why not, the reporter revealed that she had done a background check on Simon, and knew he had been under suspicion for Monique's death, something Katie had been unaware of.

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