ATWT Update Thursday 3/21/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/21/02

By Mary Jane

Barbara attempts to convince Hal not to end his life. Barbara speaks about the kids and what they will do without Hal. She explains how all their lives will go on and she continues to tell Hal what he is leaving behind. Ultimately Barbara convinces him, it is not the thing to do. Simon takes the gun from Hal. Margo and Simon call an ambulance for James, who Simon notices no longer has a pulse. Simon gets a pulse through shocking James heart then James is rushed to the hospital. Margo and Barbara take Hal to the Oakdale Memorial in order for Hal to obtain help. Simon leaves to meet Katie.

Molly is convinced that Mary, the nanny killed Nick. When Lily and Holden enter the conversation, Jake, Molly, Lily and Holden are all sure that it is Mary Eleanor (the ex-nanny). Molly makes a call to Abigail who startles her when Abigail reveals that her visitor is Mary. Molly warns Abigail not to let Mary realize that she is aware of the danger. Molly warns Abby to get Mary out of the house and be careful. She assures Abigail that they are on their way.

Mary attempts to get Abby to leave with her. As the two start to walk out the door, Abigail rushes back inside and locks the door. She calls the security company, but Mary leaves the grounds. Molly, Jake, Holden and Lily arrive and comfort Abigail.

Rose thinks Paul feels sorry for her. Paul does everything to stay by Rose's side and comfort her. While holding Paul's hand, Rose notices age spots that were not on her hand before. She is sure that whatever is happening to her has not stopped. She tells Paul she wants time to be by herself. Paul gives into Roses request, but refuses to give up on her.

At the airport Craig books a flight to New York connecting to Brussels's. Jack enters the airport to foil Craig's flight plans. As the two men discuss Craig's trip, Jack asks Craig why he won't listen to reason. Craig confesses that even though it is unthinkable, he really loves Carly and will not stop searching for her until she is found. Craig asks Jack to make his staying worthwhile. Jack suggests that if Craig delays his trip, he will fill him in on all the information from the investigation. Craig agrees to put off his trip and meet Jack in the morning. The two men shake hands and embrace. But when Jack leaves, Craig thinks he has Jack fooled and goes to the flight counter to book his flight. Unbeknownst to Craig, Jack lifted Craig's passport out of his pocket, preventing him from leaving the country. As Craig reaches for his passport, he thinks back to the embrace and realizes Jack won that round.

Back at the Oakdale police station, Jack receives a phone call. The caller is a woman, its Carly!

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