ATWT Update Wednesday 3/20/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/20/02

by Nicole

Craig went by the station to find out what Jack had learned from Rose.

Before an annoyed Jack could say anything, John came by with the biopsy on Rose's skin. He refused to say anything in front of Craig. Once John and Jack were alone, John confirmed that Rose had aged 20 years.

Craig returned and demanded answers. Jack revealed what was happening to Rose. A panicked Craig was determined to go to Brussels and find Carly himself, despite Jack's threats of arrest.

Barbara told Margo and Simon about her encounter with Hal. They discovered that Hal was keeping James at an old cabin. Hal was in and out of hypnosis, cursing James and loyal at the same time. At one point, James appeared to be out of his coma. He told Hal to ‘take care of James, or James would take care of Hal'.

When Margo and Simon found Hal, they discovered James close to death and Hal about to shoot himself. Barbara came in and began to reason with Hal.

Paul decided not to push Rose about looking at her face. When Rose reveal ed that she had seen Hal not acting like himself, Paul persuaded her to let him take her to the police station to tell Jack.

When Rose and Paul arrived, a nosy Craig was trying to peer at her face.

At the same time, Rose and Holden arrived with the locket that Libby had given Rose. When Rose opened it, there was a picture of Libby and a young woman. Assuming it was Libby's granddaughter, Rose was horrified to discover that the woman was Libby from two years ago! Later, Paul snuck a peek at Rose's face.

Jake insisted on going along with Molly to meet Belva, Nick's landlady.

They were shocked to discover that the toy Belva had belonged to their twins! That meant that the woman they were looking for was their ex psycho nanny, Mary.

Abigail, alone at Holden and Lily's, opened the door to Mary, thinking she was Adam.

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