ATWT Update Tuesday 3/19/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/19/02

By Mary Jane

As Rose and Barbara's encounter pursues Hal enters at the mention of Emily. He questions Rose who explains to Hal she doesn't know whether Emily is alive or dead. Confused and upset Hal worries about Emily and is still drawn to assist James. Barbara attempts to tell Rose that Hal is not himself. Hal leaves to deal with his feelings toward James. Rose suggests Barbara follow Hal, to find James and figure this mess out. Rose sits in the gazebo, forlorn, while thinking of Paul.

Outside of Al's dinner, Jake comes upon Kim. Kim was mugged and is lying on the ground unconscious. As Jake yells to Molly to help, he waits with Kim for assistance; Kim is taken to the hospital, tested and questioned by Margo. Kim bickers with Bob and John about her care.
Now more than ever, Abigail is closer to the truth about the night Nick Scutter was murdered. Jake and Molly ask Holden if Abigail can stay with him for her safety. At first Abigail is against the idea, but after pondering the idea of staying a Holden and Lily's Abigail agrees it is the best for everyone. Kim is insisting that Abigail is innocent and that she (Kim) was mugged for the surveillance tape and pictures. Kim insists it was not a mere mugging. Margo stays open minded, but states that for the moment she needs to treat what happened to Kim as a random mugging.

Bonnie is mulling over a letter sent to her from Ian. She is considering going back to Scotland. Ben sits with Bonnie and the two discuss Isaac, Ian and Bonnie's felling for both men. Ben states that it is her decision, but asks Bonnie not to string Isaac along if she is going to keep looking over her shoulder at Ian. Ben explains that Isaac and his father never held Isaac in high regard and doesn't want him with a woman who is always looking for someone better.

Paul approaches Mitzi and questions her as to whether she has seen Rose. He insists on knowing Rose's condition. Mitzi finally relents and explains to Paul that Rose's face is in bad shape. Paul goes to Lily and explains to her that he understands she must protect her sister, but that he loves Rose. Paul explains to Lily that if it were reverse wouldn't she want to go through certain things with Holden. Paul explains that he and Rose have confided in each other with many things and wants to stand by Rose for this too. Lily explains that it is something that no amount of money, the medical profession or anything might be able to fix. Paul still remains strong and wants to standby Rose. Lily gives into Paul and leads him to Fairwinds.

At Fairwinds, Paul finds Rose in the gazebo. She jumps up and turns her back to Paul. Rose tells Paul she wants him to go away. Paul agrees on one condition, the condition is Rose turns around and faces him.
After receiving a phone call, Molly's mood is a happier one. Nick Scutter's landlady phoned Molly and told her she found the child's toy the mysterious woman left behind. The landlady agrees to give it to Molly for a price. Molly is convinced that this child's toy will help lead them to the real murderer.

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