ATWT Update Monday 3/18/02



As the World Turns Monday 3/18/02

By Nicole

Molly and Jake met with Tom at the police station. Tom revealed that the prosecution wanted Molly to testify against Abigail. Molly vowed that she wouldn't. Just then, Jake got a call from Kim. She informed him that she was at the diner waiting for Abigail and Adam.

Abigail and Adam met with Kim and asked to see the security tapes from the TV station. They were sure that the mystery woman that Nick Scudder was seeing was on them. Kim had brought along camera stills from the tapes. Abigail was worried that there were so many, that she may not be able to identify the woman with the red nails. Jake showed up later to help. Abigail did identify the woman. Just as she was doing so, the lady in question was watching them from outside. Kim decided to go to the station and get the tape the woman was on. Later, the mystery woman knocked Kim unconscious and stole the tape.

Rose refused to see Paul, though he could see her from the back, standing in another room. Paul left with the impression that Rose was mad because he had believed she was still in love with Vince O'Malley.

Mitzi and Jack arrived to question Rose and saw how bad she looked. Lily called John and he came over and took skin samples. Mitzi told Rose that Barbara had been working in collusion with James to get her out of Paul's life. A ticked Rose decided to pay Barbara a visit.

Barbara realized that James had done something to Hal. She ripped up the card James had programmed Hal with. He went crazy and tried to strangle her. It was not until she mentioned Emily's name, that Hal began to remember the phone call he received from Emily and the subsequent assault he suffered at Stenbeck's hands.

Hal took off before a veiled Rose arrived. Barbara, still worried about Hal, barely paid Rose any attention, until she took off the veil. Barbara looked horrified.

A woman named Chloe showed up at Java Underground. She claimed she was Isaac's birthday date. Isaac had to keep the two women from coming to blows. It was during this tiff, that Bonnie discovered that Isaac had made this 'date' on the same day he told Bonnie he loved her. Chloe slapped Isaac and left. Bonnie did the same. Isaac said one last hurtful thing to Bonnie, something that he regretted, before Bonnie stalked off.

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