ATWT Update Wednesday 3/13/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/13/02

by Nicole

Katie and Simon had an appointment with a realtor to look over a cottage.

Dahlia called and interrupted their lunch at the diner, so Simon arranged to meet Katie at the cottage later. After checking in with Margo and finding out about Hal kidnapping a comatose James, Simon was more than a little disappointed to find that the dream cottage was decrepit.

Katie was approached at the diner by a few college co-eds, who told her they loved her video. Dahlia arrived shortly after and told her that they had test marketed it on college campuses. She then tried to nose into Katie and Simon's marriage again. When Katie told her to back off, Dahlia covered by saying that if Katie's home life was good, she would be more effective in the videos. Katie told her not to worry about her and Simon.

Katie then met Simon at the cottage. Disgusted by a leaky roof and a sloping kitchen floor, Katie eventually let Simon talk her into fixing the place up.

Rose arrived at Holden and Lily's house, her skin more irritated than ever . She called Paul, who anxiously rushed over with flowers. While getting ready to see Paul again, Rose was horrified to see that her skin was beginning to age at an accelerated rate. Just as she shared this with Lily, Paul arrived.

Craig woke a sleeping Jack with the news that Rose was back in the country. Craig, Jack and Mitzi rushed to Lily's house. Before they left, Craig shared the news that the last time Rose had seen Carly, she was wrapped up like a mummy, crying for help.

Barbara returned to Fairwinds. She tried once again to make amends with Paul, but his main concern was Rose. After he left her, Barbara heard a noise. After investigating, she discovered a desperate Hal, who asked for her help.

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