ATWT Update Tuesday 3/12/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/12/02

By Mary Jane

Margo urges Jack to ease himself back to work and to go home and get some rest. Jack pushes ahead, enraged that Craig is off to question Rose without him. Jack and Margo head to Al's diner for a bite of food. While there, a uniform officer calls Margo to inform her that Hal finally made an appearance back at the station. Jack tells Margo to finish her food and he goes to the police station to confront Hal.

At the station, Barbara shows concern for Hal and his behavior. When she mentions Emily, the memories throw Hal into thoughts he is not suppose to have. Hal assures Barbara that he is not allowed to think about Emily. Barbara assumes he is trying to place a line between work and his private life, unknowledgeable that Hal is really under a different kind of influence.

Jack enters and asks Hal if the two of them can privately speak Jack tells Hal that he needs help, and suggests Hal seek counseling or Ben's services.
Distraught with the confrontation, Hal rushes out of the station, telling Jack he knows who his friends are and Jack isn't one of them.
At the Brussels airport Lucinda's Worldwide jet is asked to leave. The immigration agent explains that without any identification or passport Rose would have to stay in the country. After Lucinda threatens to make his life miserable and Craig offers to just question Rose before leaving, Lily makes a sensitive plea for Rose. Showing the gentleman her passport, explaining that they are recently discovered twins, she suggests that he give Rose her passport to enable her to leave with them on the Worldwide jet. The man leaves with Lily's passport and soon Rose appears on the plane.

Looking a bit flush, Rose explains her situation. Rose complains that her skin feels weird and hurts. Craig intensely questions Rose, who is shattered that she had to leave Emily and Carly behind. After arguing with Craig, Rose passes out for a minute. When she comes to Lucinda and Lily head the plane to Oakdale against Craig's wishes to stay and search for Carly and Emily.

John finds Margo at Al's and tells her that he found James Stenbeck. Margo totally disbelieves where John claims James is being hidden, until she hears that Hal has James stashed there. When they arrive at the basement the room is vacant, and the only evidence left is an empty IV bag.

Upstairs in the police station, Barbara suddenly remembers to present Jack with the present Julia asked Barbara to give him. When he opens it he discovers an early pregnancy test. Jack is distraught after he discovers the test is positive.

Julia has hitched a ride with a couple of men who are headed to communal living. She tells the men that she is trying to start a new life for her and her the baby she is carrying. The men explain that the commune has no TV, or phones. They tell Julia it would be a great place to raise a child. Hearing this Julia thinks that the commune might very well be a great place to live. She accepts an offer to live at the commune.

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