ATWT Update Monday 3/11/02



As the World Turns Monday 3/11/02

By Nicole

Margo and Jack rushed to Fairwinds to rescue Barbara, but found pillows rolled up in a rug, disguised to look like a body instead. Margo realized Barbara's car was missing and decided that Paul would have to be told. Paul, Craig and Lucinda were busy arguing about whether Craig should be allowed to come with them to rescue Rose, when Lily told them all to shut up. She said that Craig was missing Carly like they all missed Rose and to let him stay. They were about to take off when Margo arrived.

Margo was peeved to discover that they had heard from Rose and that the Oakdale Police Department had not been informed. Lucinda ranked on the police's handling of things, while Craig assured Margo he would handle things. Margo was then forced to inform Paul about Julia kidnapping his mother. She also expressed concern that Julia may try to hurt Will. Paul, with much prodding from Lucinda and Lily, decided to not go with them to Brussels.

Julia forced Barbara to drive down some darkened road. Julia then made her stop and reminisced with her about their friendship. She then left a gift for Jack and jumped out of the car and ran off. Barbara made her way to the police station, where she tried to reason with Paul about seeing Will. He told her that if she really cared, then when Rose comes back, she should keep her distance from all of them.

John was appalled to discover that Hal had a comatose James in the police department basement. He gave James some antibiotics to reverse the shock he was in, but made it clear to Hal that James really needed to be in a hospital. Hal made it clear that was not an option.

Katie admitted to Simon that she had been snooping on her computer for Monique's obituary. They talked of trust and Simon even considered looking at some of the houses his wife was interested in.

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