ATWT Update Friday 3/9/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 3/8/02

by Nicole

Simon rescued Jack from a watery grave. The paramedics checked Jack, Simon and Craig over. Craig was very concerned about the insurance company paying for his car.

Barbara nervously tried to keep Julia at bay at Fairwinds. She told her she didn't hate her for what had happened and Julia apologized to her. She then asked Barbara to call James for help. Barbara was forced to admit that James was in a coma, a fact that Julia didn't buy. Barbara then dialed Margo's number, and called her ‘James'. A puzzled Margo and Jack listened as Barbara told them that Julia wanted to talk to James. Margo then asked Jack to keep Barbara on the line. A suspicious Julia snatched the phone from Barbara. She heard Jack's voice instead. She then knocked Barbara down and grabbed a poker from the fireplace. Jack and Margo heard Barbara scream.

Rose called Paul and Lily. She managed to find out from the grave-diggers that she was in Belgium. Paul told her to ask them to take her to the airport. Lily then told Paul that they would take Lucinda's jet to pick Rose up.

Lucinda and Lucy heard on the police scanner that Jack, Simon and Craig had been taken to the hospital. They were about to head out when Paul and Lily came in and told them the good news about Rose. Lucinda then sent Lucy to the hospital by chauffeur, insisting that she too would be joining Paul and Lily in picking up Rose.

At the hospital, Lucy told Craig that Rose had called, and that Lucinda, Paul and Lily were taking the World Wide jet to pick her up. Not heeding Simon's warnings, Craig decided to hop a ride with them as well, hoping he would find out information about Carly.

Dahlia stopped by to see Katie. Katie blabbed about Simon's dead wife and his inheritance. Dahlia began planting seeds of doubt in Katie's mind about Simon's honesty. She argued that if Katie was just finding out about this ‘wife', what else hadn't Simon told her?

Down in the police department basement, Hal felt James's forehead and realized he was much too cold for comfort. He went to the hospital to get John, telling him it was an emergency. An unsuspecting John grabbed his bag and followed after him.

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