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As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/7/02

By Mary Jane

Craig convinced Julia that he is on her side. His suggestion to kill Jack at the boat landing by letting the car go down the ramp is to Julia's liking. Julia buys into Craig's lies. While making small talk, Julia announces to Craig that she is pregnant with Jack's baby. Craig delights in the news. When Craig sends Julia outside to make sure the coast is clear, Craig lets Jack know that he is really there to rescue him. Relieved Jack goes along with things, but when Julia reenters Carly's apartment she realizes that Craig and Jack were confiding in each other. Julia zaps Craig and proceeds to leave with Jack. Before she does she zaps Craig one more time. Stunned and down, Craig is helpless. Simon enters, but he too falls prey to Julia's stun gun. Julia leaves with Jack in tow. Julia takes Jack to the boat ramp and after a futile attempt to plea for his life; Julia releases the brake on Craig's car, exits and lets the car roll into the river with Jack inside. The car quickly fills with water.

At Oakdale memorial hospital, Margo attempts to figure out why and how James Stenbeck disappeared. Margo questions Hal, who isn't too helpful. Eventually Hal tells Margo he is not the same person, because Emily is missing. Hal decides that he should be taken off the missing women's case. He tells Margo he is going to spend time in the police department's old storage units, and renovate them into offices, to avoid burnout. Hal has James stashed down there and goes to check on him.

Back at Carly's apartment, Simon wakes and attempts to wake Craig. He has no luck, zapped a couple of times, Craig is down for the count. When Craig finally awakens, he regrettably phones Margo informing her that he found Jack and tried to save him, but that now it might be too late.

Paul and Lily discuss a disturbing dream Lily has of Rose laying in a coffin. Both Paul and Lily agree they need to forget past mistakes and look to the future, when Rose comes home.

In the casket Libby put her in Rose awakens. Knocking on the coffin, as Libby suggested, Rose panics when she quickly figures out that someone is shoveling dirt onto the coffin. She continues to knock and scream until the man who is working the shovel opens the coffin. Distraught seeing Rose walk around the man leaves. He soon returns; bringing a friend back. They help Rose.

While conversing with Lily, Paul receives a cell phone call. It is Rose. She asks Paul to help her come home.

Katie returns home from a spending spree with Simon's inheritance. Dahlia enters and puts questions in Katie's head about Simon and his past. Once Dahlia leaves, Katie asks Lucy to borrow her laptop to research Simon's past.

Against Margo's advice, Barbara insists on going back to Fairwinds, hoping Stenbeck comes to find her. When she arrives home there is a fire burning in the fireplace. Assuming that James started the fire, Barbara calls out for him. To Barbara's surprise she finds Julia in a chair, asking Barbara for help.

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