ATWT Update Wednesday 3/7/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/6/02

by Nicole

At the hospital, Ben and John told a skeptical Paul that James was in a coma. Paul had to be restrained from attacking his father, as he insisted that James was faking. Margo then revealed more bad news: Barbara's bail had been revoked and that she needed to take her in. Barbara tried to reassure Paul that she would be alright, when Hal made an uncharacteristically rude comment about her.

Later, Paul tried to kill James, still sure that he was faking. Hal came in and stopped him. Paul noted the change in Hal, and admitted that he learned what a father was supposed to be like from him. Hal didn't seem to notice. After getting Paul out of the room, he ordered the guard to secure other exits. Hal then escaped with James, and took him to the police department's basement. Upstairs in the police department, Barbara asked Margo if she could talk James out of his coma. Margo refused, until Barbara showed her a note from Will. He had given it to his teacher and it said that his mother was dead. Margo wavered, and asked why Barbara would want to bother saving James's miserable life. Barbara told her that when she was in her own coma, it was Paul's voice that brought her back, so she knew that James would be able to hear her as well. Margo reminded Barbara that she loved Paul, making the situation different. Barbara responded by reminding Margo that James lived to torture her. That in the end, he always came back to her. Margo agreed, but told her that she would have to clear it through Hal...and that she would have to be present as well.

Paul interrupted then, still upset about Barbara's bail being revoked. He then began bad-mouthing Hal. Barbara defended him, and inadvertently admitted that Hal had let her go to the meeting at the boathouse instead of hauling her in. Margo was shocked to realize that Hal lied to her about his attempt to bring Barbara in.

John called Margo shortly after. Margo, Barbara and Paul raced to the hospital, only to hear from John that James has disappeared. Margo was quite ticked! Craig and Simon were working on Jack's disappearance. Craig called Molly and discovered that she has not been to Carly's apartment in months. Craig and Simon realized that she couldn't have been the brunette the landlord was referring to.

Meanwhile, Jack taunted Julia about her part in what happened to Barbara. Julia, guilt-ridden and ticked, grabbed a piece of glass and held it to Jack's throat. He then kept quiet, and pilfered the shard of glass to undo his binds. He managed to escape when he thought Julia was gone, but she returned unexpectantly, beat him down and used the stun gun. Craig walked in on them while this was going on. He pretended to go along with the idea of murdering Jack so he could have Carly. When Jack protested, Craig shoved a handkerchief in his mouth, then asked to hear more of Julia's plan.

Adam and Abigail had Billy bring Brandy to the diner. She admitted that Nick was seeing someone else. They also discovered that the mystery woman's identity might be on some of the security tapes at the TV station where Nick and Molly worked. The foursome didn't realize that the mystery woman was in the next booth, listening to their every word.

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