ATWT Update Tuesday 3/6/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/5/02

By Mary Jane

Jennifer arrives home surprised to discover her father Hal is now back. Hal and Jennifer have a nice conversation; Jennifer tells Hal that she has gotten a job in Japan. Hal is very supportive of Jennifer's new career.

Katie and Simon become amorous. But Katie quickly puts an end to Simon's advances, as she demands to know about the mysterious check he received. Simon explains to Katie the circumstances behind the check. He explains that he met Monique Ferraro when he was broke and needed money, and he continues to tell Katie that they were married within three weeks in Las Vegas. Monique had hired investigators and soon after their honeymoon, Simon was found out! Monique told him to leave and never come back. She was very hurt and wouldn't call the police; she did not want a scandal. That day she went out sailing during a large storm and was killed. Simon read about her death a week later.
Without time to change her will, Simon was to inherit her entire estate. Although the Ferraro family fought the will, Simon was given the rights to the estate. Katie was touched by the story, but when Simon suggested that they donate the money, Katie insists that they spend the money on a house or keep it. Simon really doesn't want the money. Katie is persistent.

At the boathouse, James discussion with Paul and Barbara is not very successful. Paul wants to know where Rose is and Barbara offers to tell the police that she will confess to everything if James tells Paul the ladies whereabouts. James isn't to fast to relay information and Paul suggests to his mother that they leave. James pulls out a paper he claims has the ladies exact location and a tape that consists of his full confession. While holding a lantern, James places the two items in the fire of the lantern, Paul lunges toward the items the lantern tips, James falls and hits his head and is knocked out and the boathouse once again catches fire. Paul gets Barbara out and goes back and rescues James.

Margo is being pushed by everyone, overwhelmed with her workload she snaps at the officers, and lawyers nagging at her. Margo attempts several times to find where Hal has gone. She eventually makes time to drop by Hal's house to find him at home, not answering the phone. While questioning why Hal hasn't phoned her or answered her calls they get a call from the police telling them about the fire at the boathouse. Hal rushes to the scene.

At the boathouse the ambulance arrives to take James who is critical. Hal states to the paramedics that they better keep James alive.

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